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Cape Cod is truly a haven for all sorts of biking so lets take advantage of it! This group primarily is a road bike group meaning we do not generally ride dirt or hiking trails, we stick to the pavement.

As the Cape Cod Rail trail begins to grow from all directions, we can take advantage of the situation before the crowds come. We continue to look for interesting venues and try and find more places where we can avoid traffic, that is one of the goals. I welcome suggestions from anyone and I am also planning on finding an appropriate sponsor. Suggestions of sponsorship welcome as well! Some of the bike shops do sponsor organized groups.

This group was started in 2012 to attract men and woman looking to meet other cyclists that want to get together and ride as a group, this meet up has evolved into a group of over 600 members. The bike path on Cape Cod offers a great opportunity to attract many interested folks with lots of access points. If you don't like to bike alone and want to meet other people with similar interest, this is a group for you. Most of the 600members have never been on a ride and that is too bad.

We are not interested in speed, the objective is to have fun, learn a little more by biking around the Cape and nearby. We encourage anyone interested to just come to one ride and see how much fun it is, not to mention what a nice group of people we are!

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