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Monthly Privacy Hackathon: Cypherpunk Saturdays @ Noisebridge!
Fellow privacy hackers, Join us on Saturday at Noisebridge where we'll be hacking on privacy-enhancing software the world desperately needs! Here is your chat invite: . (Or join #cpunkswritecode on Freenode, which is bridged to the main Mattermost room.) Come help the Tor Project, the EFF, activists, and journalists by continuing the important work we began at our more formal hackthathon last month! Or hack on other privacy projects, including our new projects: 1. miniShare (instant in-browser encrypted sharing of files and text) 2. LeapChat (self-destructing/ephemeral in-browser encrypted chat -- announced at 5MoF on May 18th!), and 3. Encrypted AV Recording (record + encrypt + safely upload audio/video from your mobile device). 4. OpenOversight (hold police accountable be crowd-sourcing their names and badge numbers so complains against them are no longer rejected, beginning with the Chicago police and expanding to other departments soon; created and headed by Jen Helsby of the Freedom of the Press Foundation) 5. Pursuance (end-to-end encrypted task management to help large groups of people band together to change the world; this is part of the Pursuance Project ( )). Developers, designers, activists, journalists, and concerned citizens are all welcome. We need software to be built, to be easy to use, and to solve real problems for real people; everyone has a role to play. Projects we've hacked on during our previous formal and informal hackathons: Other projects you might want to contribute to (feel free to add to this to spread the word about some important project): See you there!

Noisebridge Hackerspace

2169 Mission St. · San Francisco, CA

What we're about

The permanent extinguishment of human privacy is rapidly approaching -- unless we do something about it, and fast. Cypherpunks Write Code exists to galvanize the hacker/developer/designer community to contribute to free, open source, privacy-enhancing software that the world desperately needs.

We are organizing hackathons with official projects for each event and clearly-specified ways to contribute to them (though attendees and contributors may aid whatever privacy-enhancing software they wish to, including your own). Current project list:

We are also planning talks from/interviews with the minds behind these important projects, as well as input from political activists, journalists, and other vulnerable groups to tell us which privacy problems they find most pressing.

If you would like your project to be one of those we focus on for an upcoming hackathon, please contact the organizers.

Snowden made it clear without a doubt how badly new privacy-enhancing software needs to exist. Let's make it happen!

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