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Success leads to growth and growth leads to new levels of technical challenges. How to manage the growth of our systems while continuing to increase quality? Complexity expands dramatically, oldest components become legacy, heterogeneity increases between generations, and maintaining knowledge, agility, quality of code and architectures becomes a challenge. Let’s share our experiences on all this!
At D-EDGE, we believe that our role is to share our experience, expertise and vision. Once a month, we organise online and in-person debates on a wide range of topics around growth, and what it entails regarding technology. 
You are welcome to attend in person, if possible, or join us online during one of our live broadcasts. Don't miss our virtual happy hours and other networking events.

All replays are available on youtube: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLychnrjxWBViBfk5V68i6tVZDM5UhNhBB

Want to join D-EDGE? Have a look at our career opportunities: https://www.welcometothejungle.com/en/companies/d-edge/jobs

Past events (20)

Fun(ctional) Domain Driven Design (featuring Ukulele) - In French

D-EDGE Hospitality Solutions

Data mining applied to Microservices performance

This event has passed

Rationalise a distributed IS with Consul (in French)

D-EDGE Hospitality Solutions

Open Source in Proprietary Land (in French)

D-EDGE Hospitality Solutions

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