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Motto: Being a man is one thing. Being a dad, takes a man to be one. Come be DAD-RIFFIC.

There are a good handful (about 10) of informational websites out there for dads. There really isn't any groups/ clubs/ or organizations , just for dads, that actually set up activities, events, training sessions, seminars, etc., for dads. There are a few (especially on MEETUP), small groups, that do have play dates, and set up activities for dads. Most dads want to do things with their children, but most dads don't know how, or what to do.

DAD-RIFFIC is a non-profit organization, created by a dad, to do just that. If you have a kid, you are a dad. If you have more then one kid, you are a tired dad. What ever type of dad you are:

Single, have twins, stay/work from home, have a child with special needs, gay dad, have girls only, military dad, have boys only, or a new dad.

Or what kind of child you have: Boy, girl, special needs, adopted, etc.

DAD-RIFFIC will help guide you through it all.

DAD-RIFFIC was not only created to give information on how to be a dad/parent, but more importantly, DAD-RIFFIC was created and designed to help dads get more involved with their child/children without the worries of what to do, and how to do it. DAD-RIFFIC is a club for DADS ONLY. Sorry moms, you guys have ALL your groups and sites. This is for us.

DAD-RIFFIC is also designed to help the dad not only work with their child/children, but the WHOLE family. There are a lot of activities that DAD-RIFFIC will have set up for the whole family to do. It may be ONLY a DAD's club, but the WHOLE family is a part of it.

The only way you can see what DAD-RIFFIC is all about, is to come see what DAD-RIFFIC is all about. Actions speaks louder than words. When an event, activity, lecture, seminar, what ever pops up, on the "up and coming events", check it out. What do you have to lose?

Like our motto in our logo: Dads are just important, too. Come be DAD-RIFFIC.

If you know of dads who could benefit from this, please spread the word.

See you at the next event.

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