DAMA-RMC: The Data-Centric Revolution

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1829 Denver W Dr

1829 Denver W Dr · Golden, CO

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1829 Denver West Dr, Bldg 22, Golden CO 80401 - 5th Floor Board Room

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1:00 PM – 1:10 PM Sign-in and Networking

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1:20 PM – 2:20 PM Speaker – David McComb, President, Semantic Arts

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Program Description
Come learn and discuss how we can help our organizations become more data-centric.

Speaker: David McComb, President, Semantic Arts
Title: The Data-Centric Revolution


There are some very systemic issues keeping companies stuck in what we call the “application-centric quagmire.” When the business has a problem that requires information, they generally launch another application project. Build or buy, the result is the same: the firm gets yet another application system, with yet another completely arbitrary and disconnected data model. Each application system implemented equals more integration debt.

What few people embrace is that even the largest firms run on a few hundred concepts and a few thousand taxonomic distinctions that don’t add any new structure, but add a few terms or tags that might have to be understood by developers and users. That’s it. The core model is simple. What gets implemented isn’t. Most data modelers instinctively understand this. But either they get co-opted and design the model for yet another semi-redundant application data model, or they have given up on the idea of an “Enterprise Data Model”.

This presentation will cover:

• How did we get in such a situation?

• What keeps us stuck?

• What can we do, similar in goal to an enterpriser data model, but different in time to implement and complexity, that will lead us out of this problem of our own making?

• How can we inspire our firms to change direction and adopt a data-centric mindset?


Dave McComb is President and co-founder of Semantic Arts, a professional services firm specializing in helping firms adopt semantic technology and the data-centric mindset. He has over 40 years experience with enterprise applications and enterprise architecture. He is the author of "Semantics in Business Systems", "Software Wasteland" and the soon to be published "Data-Centric Revolution".

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Meeting Location: 1829 Denver West Dr, Bldg 22, Golden CO 80401 - 5th Floor Board Room

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