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DANCE PHOTO BERLIN hosts photography and videography events with professional ballet and contemporary dancers, circus artists and acrobats.

The first idea was, to come up with a concept to support dancers and artists during the worldwide pandemic since all stage performances and shows got cancelled. Also, a lot of dance and show companies are downsizing.

So Carolin and the dancers teamed up, to create a concept that combines two things at a time:

The purpose of this group is to help photographers to build their portfolio with good and professional dance and movement pictures. Together, we will teach the photographers, what they have to look for like common and advanced dance rules. We're also connecting the photographers with dancers to build up a local dance photographer network, where we can share our passion, knowledge and experience. We will host events such as photo walks, networking events, workshops and group photo shootings. These events can have different themes, like street photography, architecture, fashion, bodypainting, classical or modern ballet, aerial arts or workshops that are focussing for example on ballet rules (beginners and advanced theory classes), storytime (first-hand experiences from a professional dancers/ artists life) and more.

Our events will have a limited number of participants, to enhance the quality of the pictures and to keep our great community vibe.

Due to the limited number of participants and the professional skills and experience of all our models, we will always have to charge a fee, to pay the models, meetup app and the organizers for their amazing work!

All events include at least an introduction regarding the theme of the event (for example insight into a professional ballet dancer's life, ballet dance rules etc.) and honest feedback to your pictures and photo review by the dancers. Those reviews can be very helpful, to understand the art of dance and to build your portfolio like a professional dance or movement photographer. Beginners, intermediate, advanced or professional photographers/videographers - everyone is welcome to join!

Follow us on Instagram @dancephoto.berlin to get an insight into what pictures were taken on our previous ballet or circus arts events!

Or watch this behind the scenes video of one of my recent photoshoots:


LIABILITY DISCLAIMER: The organizers of this meet-up are volunteers and not experts. All participants agree to assume 100% responsibility for their own safety, conduct, and well-being and recognize that possible hazards exist while participating in outdoor (or any other) activities, and agree to participate solely at their own risk.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: By attending this event you agree to fully respect DANCE PHOTO BERLIN‘s Contract and Model Release Form.


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End-of-Season Halloween MeetUp


DE (English below)

Das Event wird vorerst unter Vorbehalt erstellt, es hängt von der aktuellen Pandemie-Lage ab, inwiefern es umgesetzt werden kann. Das Event wird vermutlich draußen stattfinden und unter Einhaltung der Abstandsregeln. Bitte schaut in den Tagen unmittelbar vor dem Event noch einmal hier an dieser Stelle nach, ob z.B. ein negativer Corona-Test, Impfnachweis o.ä. Vorrausetzung sind.

Wir werden uns an einem Ort (der noch rechtzeitig bekannt gegeben wird) treffen. Je nach Anzahl der Teilnehmer werden wir uns in kleinere Gruppen aufteilen, und gemeinsam Fotos machen. Anschließend können die Fotografen ihre Fotos im folgenden Ordner hochladen, diskutieren, Feedback geben usw.


Die Models haben über diesen Ordner Zugriff auf die Fotos, es bleibt den Fotografen jedoch selbst überlassen, über welchen Weg sie den Models die Bilder zukommen lassen.

Bei diesem Foto-Event ist jeder willkommen, ob Beginner, schon fortgeschritten oder Profi-Fotograf*in.

Jeder ist willkommen! Es ist völlig egal, ob du professionell tanzt, hobbymäßig modelst, schauspielerst, etc. - die Einzige wirkliche Bedingung ist: Kommt bitte verkleidet/Halloween-Make-Up o.ä. ! :) Bei Minderjährigen ist vor Ort eine Einverständniserklärung an der Teilnahme am Event der Erziehungsberechtigten vorzulegen. Grundsätzlich gelten die Regeln eines TFP-Vertrages.

Folgt uns gerne auf Instagram: @dancephoto.berlin

This entire Event is tentative based on whatever covid policies are in place. The event will happen outside for social distancing purposes and to keep it free for everyone. Please check back for updates, if a negative test or proof of vaccination is required.

We will meet at a place that has yet to be announced. Depending on the number of participants we will work in small groups and take photos together. Afterwards, there's the option to share your photos in the following folder, to discuss, give feedback and so on.


Models will have access to the photos in the folder. It's the choice of the photographer whether they want to share the photos with everyone or just send them to the model directly.

Photo and videographers:
Everyone is welcome to join, it doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or more experienced. It's a great opportunity for networking. :D

Everyone is welcome to join - it doesn't matter if you are a professional dancer, do modelling as a hobby, if you're an actor etc. The only "rule" we have for that special occasion is: Please come in a costume or with Halloween-themed makeup! Underage models have to bring a note from the parents that they're allowed to participate in the event. Our event rules are based on the rules of a TFP-contract.

Follow us on IG: @dancephoto.berlin for more!

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Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin


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