DAOfest NYC: State of the DAOs

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DAOfest NYC #1 will feature a diverse panel of experts speaking about the current state of DAOs and putting it in historical and legal context.

• Are DAOs the future of work?
• How do DAOs relate to cooperatives, holocracy, and other modern forms of decentralized governance?
• Are DAOs even legal?
• What are the next steps for the space?

The program will be friendly to DAO experts and newbies alike, though some familiarity with blockchain and similar tech is recommended.


This is the inaugural event of DAOfest NYC, a new meetup that's part of the worldwide DAOfest series:

"DAOfest is an event series focused on advancing the technology and adoption of decentralized governance globally.

We call all stewards, architects, engineers, and designers that are working towards a world full of functional and mature DAOs to join us as we speak, listen, and build together."

Learn more at https://www.DAOfest.io


Ezra Weller is a co-founder of the FestDAO, a new decentralized organization putting on events around the world. He is also COO and co-founder at Groupmuse and a team member at DAOstack, one of the projects building DAO infrastructure on Ethereum.

Luke Duncan is a long-time contributor to the Aragon project, working on research, strategy, and adoption for Aragon One. More recently he has been working to bootstrap 1Hive, a DAO working on various projects to improve how online communities govern shared resources.

Nathan is a strategist and organization designer. Using empirical results from the cognitive sciences, he enables teams to redevelop their ways of working and organizing to better align to their missions. Nathan is a partner at encode.org and alum of Undercurrent where he worked with clients such as Amex, Pepsi, and GE.

Ross Campbell is a legal engineer working on OpenLaw, co-founder of legal DAO projects OpenESQ, lexDAO (https://twitter.com/lex_DAO), and the LAO (@TheLAOOfficia).

Zak Hap is currently a member of dOrg, a dev-shop DAO focused on building web3 products and architecture. He has cofounded a few different projects that have been laid to rest.

Ethan has been an engineer at Maker since shortly after the release of single-collateral Dai. He's interested in the human element of DAO governance, particularly as it relates to DAOs like Maker, which have limited and specific functions within their technojurisdiction. Ethan also loves making up pretentious buzzwords, such as "technojurisdiction."