DApperNetwork Ethereum Developer Bootcamp

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You must register at the link below - this is a paid event. Meetup members get an additional 10% off when you mention "Meetup" during registration!! Shoutout to our amazing partner MetaX!!


Our one-day intensive Ethereum developer bootcamp takes you through a comprehensive curriculum led by some of the best mentors in the industry. During this hands-on session, you will acquire the practical knowledge and programming skills to go from idea to real code running on the Ethereum test network.


Technical Blockchain Concepts - An overview of the Ethereum blockchain focusing on its foundational role for DApps. Important concepts include smart contracts, transactions, gas, ERC20, etc.

Solidity Walkthrough & Mindset of a DApp Developer - A walkthrough of common Solidity patterns used in Ethereum smart contracts. Emphasis on the difference in approach to coding between a DApp developer vs. traditional developer.

Deploying and Testing DApps - An exploration of the various deployment tools available for a DApp developer. Students learn to deploy their Ethereum smart contracts onto the test network.

Smart Contract Project - Collaborative session during which students build a fully functional DApp with mentors' guidance. Students are encouraged to interact with their classmates' DApps.

Post-Bootcamp Happy Hour - Because you deserve it after 8 hours of DApp development, of course.

Again, you must register at this link.

The mentors for this bootcamp are the seasoned developers from the MetaX team!! Jon Roethke, Nick Porter, Sam Kim, Edwin Cheung, Hunter Gebron, and Eddy Munoz will be teaching everything they learned from their experience building Adchain, the world's first implementation of token curated registries deployed live on the Ethereum mainnet. Students will have an immersive day of instruction with the mentors working together side-by-side.

*Breakfast, lunch, drinks and snacks will be provided. Students are expected to have at least 12 months of object-oriented programming experience.

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