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Have you had a dream of running your own business with passion & purpose?

Have you ever felt unappreciated, underpaid or even worse not enjoying going to work?

Have you ever felt fearful financially or emotionally when thinking on you need to make a change but feel trapped & don't know how?

Have you ever dreamed of having a better life, full of excitement, purpose, & a knowing that your adding value to the world & getting paid really well for it, making a 6 or 7 digit annual salary doing what you're passionate about?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then this group is definitely for you!

I currently work as an IT technician at the National Institute of Health because like entrepreneurship Info Tech is also my passion. While being an IT tech I also invest in online companies with other parties to increase revenue and resell at a value of at least +35%.

The purpose of this group is to ignite passion & hope, inspire & support members to create & share there dreams on paper so they know the direction they'd like to go as well as how to proceed.

You'll become aware of the freedom on SO many levels that you can create when you begin to focus your energies on your dream. You'll have the support from myself & the amazing team of members that want to succeed with you!

Throughout these Meetups I'll be inviting key note speakers, motivational speakers that have generated altogether $3 billion in net worth that will teach you how to begin your business and what it takes to keep it running. You'll learn the amazing techniques, tools, and processes to build momentum & desire.

Are you ready to decide once in for all that you deserve more. Are you ready to learn & implement these amazing concepts into your life so you too can be on the road to freedom? Aren't you worth it?

Attending this meetup could seriously & possibly be the best decision you've ever made in your life! I'm SO excited to mentor & facilitate sharing amongst each other in this amazing group.

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