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Discussion:Fake news, misinformation & trust: problems & possible solutions
As part of our monthly discussions we will address the topic of fake news, mis- and dis-information, alt-facts and its impact on trust. While this is not a new problem it seems to be more systematically widespread and impactful. This may be in part to moderns of digital communication, networking and social media. “We all think we can tell the difference between opinion, advertising and accurate news. But how do we really know?” Lou Pecora will lead a discussion on the nature of these problems and issues. This will be followed by a discussion lead by Gary Berg-Cross of proposed solutions and initiatives to handle or mitigate the problem. Dis-information, for example, is challenging to identify and counter. There is a measurement issue because there’s a lack of consensus on how to actually define it or “false news.” There’s a spectrum of content — from intentional or disguised satire to honest or faux opinion to hoaxes intentionally crafted to deceive. Both fake news and misinformation are ever-evolving problem. Its purveyors are continually trying new tactics to seed it, so we’re constantly updating our approach to catching it. Because it’s evolving, we’ll never be able to catch every instance of false news — though we can learn from the things we do miss. There are media initiatives to develop Best Practices that news organizations like WaPo are following. But we need tools to help with this. As usual some light refreshments will be served. Note: Remember to come to the DC Chevy Chase Neighborhood library. The address is 5625 Connecticut Ave NW, DC · Washington, DC

DC Chevy Chase Library

5625 Connecticut Ave NW, DC · Washington, DC