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The DC Atheist Meetup is a project of DC Region Atheists. We are an educational and philosophical group serving Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia that fosters and advances the growth of non-religious communities by providing both a social setting and forums to discuss intellectual topics pertinent to their concerns and by working with other like-minded groups. We educate and encourage critical thinking through rational and respectful dialog between our members and others.

DC Region Atheists is a chapter of the Washington Area Secular Humanists. WASH is a non-profit 501c3 organization with all contributions being tax deductible. Contributions are very much encouraged and can be made here. (http://home.wash.org/join-wash)

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The right wing theocratic militants are continuing their attack on societal norms and the rule of law with a ferocity that is almost beyond believing. Those norms were the essential features that allow society to even have a common good. Please folks, do not imagine that an arrest and conviction of Trump will even slow the dismantlement of democracy or our pursuit of happiness. Conservative politicians have accepted Trump’s Big Lie. They think if the other side wins then all that needs to be done is assert the other side engaged in fraud. The official who certifies elections will accept this claim because that is what they want to be the criterion for putting him in place. That is the end of democracy.

They tell themselves Qanon stories of appalling evil about us. This is a bigger lie than our candidates stuffing ballot boxes to steal elections. Ken Burns had a recent three part series on the holocaust. The lies that were told about Jews in 1930s Germany were just a preposterous as the lies that the hard fundamentalist right are telling about us right now. Burns had some small linkages of current right wing authoritarianism and Germany at the end. However, he is much more adamant about current risks for our society in interviews about this three part film. There is certainly an equal lack in any need for evidence supporting the lies in our current culture war. Hungary has removed the independence of the Judiciary and conservative audiences find that example to be one to admire.

The global assault on an independent public school system wants much more than just strangling black history or any compassion for LGBT students. The explicitly planned ultimate goal is to demand that all public school funds be delivered through vouchers. This would be then end of unionized school systems. All they need is for Proud Boys or other militia group types to attend School Board meetings and tell the members enough times, “We know where you live.” The intense hatred of any “progressive” policy is backed by this threat of violence. It is a central pillar of all authoritarian takeover attempts. It is increasingly effective in red states. Gov. Youngkin of Virginia arguably got elected because he espoused the “parental rights” of his gun loving base. The MAGA crowd loves to explain that anyone complaining about this is just being divisive. They like to assume that historical norms of democracy are dividing us from the glorious future of Christian nationalism.

In the 24 hours before our meeting we will be using Meetup to convey the link for discussion group members to connect using Zoom.

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