What we're about

Whether you are new to the world of graph data modeling and management or if you are an experienced graphista, everyone is welcome to join us for a great opportunity to network, share, discuss, and invent together graph technologies that empowers the fraud prevention, personalized recommendation, supply-chain optimization, and other analysis capabilities found in today’s most critical enterprise applications.

That being said, this meetup firmly believes that graph is needed now and will disrupt many traditional data management solutions in a positive way, and everyone will benefit from a real-time and mutable *big graph* data management platform supporting deep link analytics.

- By Big Graph, we mean Billion-scale Graphs, with 10B to 100B+ nodes and/or edges.

- By real-time, we mean milli-second query response time on Big Graphs.

- By mutable data management, we mean supporting real-life scenarios, > 100K+ updates per second.

- By deep link analytics, we mean queries which traverse 3 to 10+ hops deep into the graph.

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