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QUARTERLY Meeting: Topic TBD
Some expert speaker (or panel) will be telling us about some subject, or maybe we'll hold a roundtable discussion, or whatever. Please bring your questions, ideas, etc., and a friend or three who might be interested in our Meetup. Approximate Schedule: 7:00 pm: people arrive, network, mingle, and eat pizza 7:30 pm: presentation, discussion, or whatever, begins 8:30 pm: presentation/whatever is over; we network, mingle, and clean up 9:00 pm: we lose the room There has been progress on finding a space sponsor and a dinner sponsor, but nothing is yet set in stone. Meanwhile, I will hold the meetings at the Fairfax City Regional Library, bring pizza and soft drinks, and put out a donation jar. (When you RSVP, you can tell me what you want. There's no guarantee you'll get it, and "nothing" is a perfectly good answer.) PLEASE RSVP YES IF COMING, AND CHANGE IT TO "NO" IF YOU THEN WON'T COME AFTER ALL. DO NOT MAKE US WASTE TIME WAITING FOR YOU. DO NOT DEPRIVE OTHERS OF A SPACE BY BOGARTING ONE. DO NOT MAKE ME THINK UP AN APPROPRIATE PENALTY FOR NO-SHOWS. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ADJUST THE PICTURE. DO NOT TAUNT HAPPY FUN MEETUP ORGANIZER. This will be a joint meeting with the Independent Consultants of NoVa, DC, and MD (

Needs a location

What we're about

A group for people in the Washington DC area to exchange tips on the business of computer consulting, learn from expert speakers, network with colleagues, learn (and teach) about computer consulting, and just have fun.

It is what remains of the Washington Independent Computer Consultants Association (WICCA), or Independent Computer Consultants Association of Greater Washington (ICCA-GW), though we are no longer exclusively about independent consultants. See the History page ( for more details.

If you are a computer consultant, want to be a computer consultant, work (or want to) for a computer consulting company, want to know more about computer consulting, have expertise to share about computer consulting, or have any other such connection to computer consulting, come join us!

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