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DC emerging tech is a group whose focus would be mobile/web development, Internet of Things (IoT), 3-D Printing, Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Artificial Intelligence applications and many other disruptive technologies.

We would : -

- share the latest trends in emerging technologies

- discuss best practices in enterprises using these technologies

- share how startups and other organizations are using these emerging technologies for business benefits


You are all aware of emerging technologies’ promise of changing the future - but where do you start?

How do you learn about these technologies, and how do you apply them in your workplace? Where can you obtain the knowledge and resources to get there?

This meet up will bring together technology architects, researchers, technology managers, design engineers and entrepreneurs to connect them with experts in the emerging technologies - Internet of Things, 3-D printing, A.I., etc.

Who? We are an organization that creates and partners with other like-minded Meetup groups with similar purposes - supporting entrepreneurs, startups, enterprise managers and architects.

Experts will vary from industry, government, academia, and non-government organizations to discuss, share, and promote current works and recent accomplishments across all aspects of emerging technologies that have an organizational impact.

Here is a video of what we do


If you RSVP for two consecutive events and do not show up, we would remove you from the group. This is to make sure that we plan our food, venue etc. as per the RSVP count as well as allow others to participate.

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Cultural AI: Context for Brands

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How can the digital transformation of AI-ready datasets help businesses and governments form more authentic engagements? As marketing becomes more hyper-personalized and focused on first-party data, enterprises stand to benefit from advancements in AI that enable them to better understand their audiences, and drastically improve and customize multi-channel consumer messaging for diverse consumer audiences. How can an enhanced comprehension through the lens of culture and AI allow marketers to fully optimize promotional spend and tailor marketing messaging, in turn producing improved conversions, ROI, and downstream profits? Moderated by Swathi Young and Davar Ardalan Jeanne Lim is the founder and CEO of Nama Institute which advocates a conscious approach to living, leading, and innovating. Jeanne a board member and former CEO of Hanson Robotics, and previous to that the CMO and co-character lead of Sophia the Robot. She is also a board member of Kami Intelligence, an AI company developing a conversational AI platform that powers customer service, advisory, and educational solutions. Jeanne has over 25 years of marketing experience in the technology industry, as the Asia Pacific marketing director for Dell, Cisco, 3Com, and the corporate marketing director for a Silicon Valley-funded internet startup. She was the product and business manager for Apple in Asia Pacific, responsible for the launch of many of Apple’s groundbreaking products in the region. Mark Germishuys is CEO of NGA a company based in South Africa. Mark has received his fellowship, as a Chartered Certified Accountant(UK). Mark has 15 years experience in data and statistical pattern recognitions to identify valuable business insight from large data sets. With special focus on unsupervised and supervised modeling of natural language text. Mainly this entails the extraction of patterns from large text. Of special interest is the application of topic modeling and other text mining techniques to both short and long texts and understanding the modeling challenges posed by doing this. Mark has 20 years’ experience in the field of decision support models for clients using data. Of special focus is the various patents Mark has filed pertaining to better understanding big data and gathering techniques to make more informed decisions. Andy LaMora is Wipro’s Global Director for Crowd Analytics & AI at Topcoder. In this capacity Andy creates Topcoder's Analytics products and service offerings and contributes to corporate strategy. In previous roles Andy established and scaled Topcoder’s public sector practice, including long-term engagements with the NASA Tournament Lab and COECI, the Department of Energy and affiliated labs, Harvard Business and Medical Schools, and GSIs serving the public sector. Having spent over a decade at Topcoder, Andy is one of its most experienced leaders and advises corporations on adopting crowd strategies to boost productivity and innovation. Outside of Topcoder, Andy serves on the board for the Yellowstone Ecological Research Center, which seeks to apply field sensor saturation and cloud analytics to empower precision ecology and adaptive decision making. Shaun Chavis, Founder and CEO of LVNGbook, a health engagement company in Atlanta that creates solutions which combine nutrition, culture, technology, and behavioral science. Shaun’s career includes 20 years as a journalist and media professional for organizations such as Time Inc. and ABC News / The Walt Disney Company. Her work has won two Luce Awards (Time Inc.’s highest honor), a James Beard Award, and made the New York Times Nonfiction Bestsellers list. She also co-founded FoodBlogSouth, which became the largest food blogging conference in the Southeast US. She has a culinary degree and a Master of Liberal Arts in Gastronomy from Boston University, and has taught in Boston University’s avocational cooking program and at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Atlanta.

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Cultural AI: Heritage and Healthcare

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