What we're about

This is a meetup to share information and inspiration on fasting for health and weight loss. We'll update this meetup description over time as the group's activities evolve. For now we're getting together for coffee/tea/drinks once a month and swapping stories about our experiences.

If you're curious about fasting, this is a great meetup to learn from others with experience. If you're an experienced faster, this is your chance to talk with other people who won't think you're nuts for not eating. :)

All forms of evidence-based fasting welcome - intermittent (e.g. 18/6 or "warrior"), 24/36 hour (5/2), long term. Intense calorie restriction also welcome (e.g. <500 calories every other day, ProLon).

Note: Physicians and dietitians/nutritionists are welcome at this group, but it's mostly going to be lay people comparing advice. While fasting is effective for many, consult with a health professional before starting - particularly if you are taking medication to regulate your blood sugar. Children shouldn't fast. Stay hydrated during your fast - avoid "dry" fasting. And you do need to eat again at the end of your fast - don't believe the "breatharians."

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First Fasting Meetup!

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