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This book club is dedicated to the interests of women, men, LGBTQIA, ethnic minorities, and all those affected by oppressive structures. Through the reading and discussion of selected works as well as the critical examination of political and intellectual currents associated with the struggle within and against systems of subjugation, we will explore a wide range of issues related to identity and oppression.

Members are welcome to read all of the work or some of it and in either case engage in the discussion. Please participate in a way that makes sense for you. In order to make the costs of participation minimal, I’ve made an effort to suggest books that are accessible at public libraries and/or online stores that sell used copies. We will generally take a month to read each work. Each Meetup.com group’s organizer pays monthly dues ($15) to run their group, and to help cover these costs, please consider making a small donation every now and then.

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Sour Heart by Jenny Zhang

Shaw (Watha T. Daniel) Neighborhood Library

Come gather with us in the meeting room at Shaw Library on February 17 (the Sunday after Valentine's Day) for a lively discussion of the book 'Sour Heart' by Jenny Zhang. Author Zhang's collection of short stories reveals the complex, inner lives of young Chinese-American women in New York City of the 1990s. Published in 2017, 'Sour Heart' was described in the New Yorker Magazine as “a feminist bildungsroman [that] depicts a collective coming of age.” From Goodreads: “Centered on a community of immigrants who have traded their endangered lives as artists in China and Taiwan for the constant struggle of life at the poverty line in 1990s New York City, Zhang’s collection examines the many ways that family and history can weigh us down and also lift us up. " "From the young woman coming to terms with her grandmother’s role in the Cultural Revolution to the daughter struggling to understand where her family ends and she begins, to the girl discovering the power of her body to inspire and destroy, these seven stories illuminate the complex and messy inner lives of girls struggling to define themselves.” (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/32956008-sour-heart) More about the book here: https://www.newyorker.com/books/page-turner/jenny-zhangs-obscene-beautiful-moving-story-collection-sour-heart This will be a casually-facilitated, open conversation about the issues that the book raises. Everyone – men, nb folks, trans women – is welcome in this space. How to find us: Watha T Daniel Meeting Room in the lower level. Message the organizer (Katie) if you have trouble finding the group. (Photo illustration courtesy Parade Magazine interview with Jenny Zhang: https://parade.com/590555/beckyhughes/literary-it-girl-jenny-zhang-on-sour-heart-her-debut-book-with-lena-dunhams/)

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