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"DC Kali" is an official training group for both Sayoc Kali and FCS Kali. Thus, our classes will be split between the two similiar, but distinct, disciplines. Starting on May 1st, "DC Kali" will be having class weekly on Wednesdays for an hour and a half, or so.

Newcomers get their first class for free, and will be $50/month thereafter. However, Wednesday's classes are free w/ other memberships. (See Saturday's Basic Class for monthly, quarterly, and biannual fees.)

• classes are outside, so if the weather is poor, class may be cancelled.

Mosi K. Jack, Esq.

· Sayoc Apprentice Instructor (under Guro Dr. Bob Shin) )

· FCS Level 3 Associate (under Tuhon Ray Dionaldo) )

Sayoc Kali is a tactical martial arts system strongly focused on edged weapons survival and use. It is an “All Blade – All the Time” system headed by Pamana Tuhon Christopher C. Sayoc, Sr..We train “All Blade, All the Time” because of the potential during a conflict for a blade to be produced from anywhere, at any time, without notice. Our training methodology is designed to install not only the correct physical attributes to survive a conflict involving edged weapons, but much more importantly, the correct mindset. We do not use terms like “self defense” or “edged weapons defense.” When one is only defensive, they are allowing someone else to determine the course of events and, thus, often the outcome.

FCS Kali:Founded by Tuhon Ray Dionaldo,Filipino Combat Systems is an organization dedicated the preservation and promotion of all Filipino Martial Arts. Filipino Combat Systems(FCS) is an organization/system with members from around the world. We have extremely diverse backgrounds, and Martial Arts systems. We’ve all come together because of our love of the Filipino Martial Arts, and our unwillingness to become involved in the politics that has so often stifled our growth.

Fees: $50/month (or free if paying for one of the other regular Saturday classes).

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