Round 73: Overhaul Arc


Everyone is looking forward to hearing about *your* cool hack! The format is informal, engaging, and friendly: presenters have *5* minutes to show off their hack (it goes faster than you’d expect) and then the audience has 5 minutes to ask questions, make jokes, and suggest ideas and feedback. The hacks that people present are anything from how to train your dog to text you when it needs a walk to [something more serious... like eyes animated by neural nets]. Show us what you’ve got! But remember: no startup pitches, no dull work projects, no deckware!

Sign up to present:

By the way, there are two VERY important things to note about this venue:
1. We need to provide a Guest List 24 hours before the meetup, so please RSVP!
2. A government issued ID will be required to enter the building, so please bring your ID!

Doors open at 6:30, and when you arrive, someone will be waiting downstairs to let you up. Talks start at 7! And we generally head out somewhere social afterward for extended conversations!

Happy hacking!