• DCJS Playday - September 2019 edition


    This event is all about javascript! We will support folks that want to learn Node.js or plain old javascript via NodeSchool modules (http://nodeschool.io/) but it is expanding to support all the javascript frameworks as well! (React.js, Angular.js, Vue.js,...) So bring your side projects and come ready to learn and hack on things. This is a community event where you can help others learn your framework of choice or you can get assistance (based on the attendees skills). We can suggest tutorials or workshops to get you started if you don't have a side project. There will be a few organizers and mentors that can help with javascript in general and likely support with most frameworks. Come out and get to know the local DCTech javascript community members, help others and get a helping hand. There will likely be photos taken at the event, please let the organizers know if this is something you would like to opt out of. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ENTRANCE DETAILS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enter at 1100 Wilson Blvd - inside the entrance is a cafe and a CVS. Take the escalators up, and walk along the mall level to the SE end of the building. You'll pass several shops, including a gym and a flower store. You'll see a security desk at the SE end, and we'll have someone there to let you up the elevator, to the Politico office on the 8th floor. The elevators are locked on weekends, so if you don't see someone from our group, or have trouble finding us, don't hesitate to call or text at (650)[masked]