DCJS[71] - Testing for Value with Peter Cho

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July's talk will be a persuasive dialogue on effective testing methodologies by Peter Cho! He'll discuss things to look out for when building out your testing suite. The talk is mostly technology agnostic and not too framework-specific (e.g. react, angular), but examples may use popular frameworks (e.g. jest, mocha) for demonstration purposes. Topics include:
* Is it worth writing tests to verify the internals?
* Code Coverage: Fallacy or a quantitative metric?
* What are the different types of tests and what is their place in the testing ecosystem?
* and much more!



=== Amida Technology Solutions!! ===
Amida Technology Solutions is a DC-based technology company focused on solutions for data interoperability, data utility, and data security. We create open source solutions that collect, reconcile, transform, and standardize data for business intelligence, predictive analytics, decision support, and user transactions. We specialize in health data interoperability and healthcare cybersecurity.

=== SmartLogic! ===
Whether you're starting a company or you're a global brand launching an iPhone app, the SmartLogic team can help you out. They've been building web and mobile applications for clients ranging from funded startups to Fortune 500 companies since 2005.



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We hope to see all of you for our next meetup! Bring your questions, and if you're looking for a job (or hiring) be prepared to connect with others!

As usual, food will be provided!