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DCJS[72] - Human Readable JavaScript with Laurie Barth

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August's talk is Human Readable JavaScript: Using ES2015+ to Craft Better Code by Laurie Barth! Love JavaScript? Awesome! Hate JavaScript? That's ok! We know that JavaScript hasn't been very easy to read in the past, lots of dollar signs and slick one-liners.
The good news is that things have gotten better! In this talk we'll look at some of the syntax ES2015+ introduced to help us write more readable code for our coworkers and our future selves.

Laurie is a software developer, conference speaker and frequent blogger. During normal business hours she is a consultant at Ten Mile Square. Depending on the day she can be found using any number of technologies from different languages to frameworks and other support tools. When she isn't writing code you can find her playing board games and eating cupcakes.



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We hope to see all of you for our next meetup! Bring your questions, and if you're looking for a job (or hiring) be prepared to connect with others!

As usual, food will be provided!

1800 Massachusetts Ave NW, 2nd Floor · Washington, DC
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