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Hey DC! Come learn with us if you work, or want to work, in:

- Marketing
- Digital marketing
- Growth marketing or agile marketing
- Market research, marketing analytics, or customer experience
- A marketing technology firm
- Any intersections of the above

Modern marketing departments now use technologies to plan, operate, and grow revenue. This means new processes, best practices, and an entirely new cast of characters in our world. At DC Marketing Tech Talks, we learn about aligning marketing technology with marketing goals, share new ideas, and what works and what does not.

DC Marketing Tech Talks is broadly defined because Marketing Technology itself is broad. It includes marketing automation, CRM, data management platforms, social media, analytics and dashboards, ad tech, and generally anything in cloud or digital marketing.

Every marketing function is changed by technology: public relations, marketing communications, lead generation, market research, and others. Everyone-- marketing technology newbies and veterans, senior-level and junior-- is welcome to join the fun.

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Marketing Tech Magnified 2021: Marketing and MarTech Alignment

Carahsoft Technology Corporation

**********THIS IS PAID EVENT*******************************************

Updated 3/4/2021: YET ANOTHER New DATE!

When we do go forward with a new date, be assured of your safety. Fortunately, the Carahsoft Conference Center is enormous. You won't have to endure a crowded, squished Spirit Airlines-type seat.

You'll also be greeted at check-in with abundant hand sanitizer swag. No table rounds this year. We'll spread out and learn classroom-style sans those elegant table clothes. They'll be replaced with disinfectant spray bottles and tissue boxes brightening up the room. Instead of a buffet line, we'll enjoy the glamour of boxed lunches. And that happy hour self-service? Maybe next year.

In a moment of weakness and doubt about your safety at MarTech Magnified 2021, it might be helpful to remember that the organizing team does not want to get sick, either. If The Virus has everything around here closed, we won't hesitate to pull the plug (& refund tickets and fees) and stay home with our new stash of disinfectants.

And of course, if you're sick or in a high risk group, please stay home!

Tickets are available on EventBrite here:

After years of growing MarTech stacks with the next silver bullet tool that gets us more, better, and less expensive marketing qualified leads, we’re taking on the big discussion of the day - that there is no silver bullet. All the automation in the world can't replace a well-crafted strategy.

This year, we're discussing how the marketing basics work together with marketing technology.

As we move into a new decade, marketers need to align strategic omni-channel marketing with marketing technology tools, great campaign content distributed in well-chosen channels -- while constantly optimizing based on trustworthy data.

Marketing and MarTech alignment is the best path to reaching the right audience, communicating value, and building trust.

If you’re ready to dig in, broaden your 2020 marketing horizons, and explore new functional areas of the marketing stack, then you can’t afford to miss this year’s Marketing Tech Magnified.


Now in its fourth year, Marketing Tech Magnified 2020 is a DC-area conference where tech-savvy marketers come together to learn about key marketing trends, ingenious marketing campaigns, new technologies, and best practices. Organized by the region’s leading marketing technology community DC Marketing Tech Talks, this annual conference provides a unique forum to share experiences across all marketing and advertising channels.

As marketing’s role evolves from a brand and communications focus to an analytical, martech-driven function operated by leaders who must impact growth and revenue, Marketing Tech Magnified gives us the opportunity to learn from each other, to network, and to return to work with fresh ideas. If you’re gripped with running marketing campaigns that engage and convert, obsessed with performance tracking and ROI, and excited by the technologies that make marketing better, then we can’t wait to meet you at Marketing Tech Magnified. Learn more at http://www.martechmagnified.com/

We are grateful for our host sponsor, Carahsoft!


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