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This group shares skills, knowledge, resources, and inspiration to help ourselves and our communities use much LESS (Less Energy, Stuff & Stimulation), share more, build resilience, and transition to a post-fossil fuel world, all the while improving quality of life. All who aspire to transition from fossil-fueled extravagance towards a post-carbon future are welcome.

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the interrelated challenges of our age: climate change, oil & resource depletion, economic instability, biodiversity loss, pollution, and other manifestations of ecological overshoot and the limits to growth of industrial society; along with inequity, financial insecurity, stress, time poverty, and social isolation. However, there is still much we can do to mitigate these challenges and add more joy to our lives.

Events may be workshops, skill shares, discussions, or social get-togethers and will take place at libraries, community spaces, parks, or private homes around the DC area.

Event topics may include: Re-skilling, Sharing Resources, Reducing Consumption & Waste & Dependence on the Industrial Growth Economy, Mending & Repair, Resisting Consumerism, Simple Living, Taking Back Our Time, Creative Reuse, Gardening, Food Preservation & Storage, Composting, Animal Husbandry, Beekeeping, Foraging, Conservation, Home Retrofitting, Energy Audits, Solar Hot Water Heaters, Solar Cooking, Alternative Energy, Urban Homesteading, Frugality, Handmade Crafts, Co-ops, Economic Security, Appropriate Technology, Low Tech Solutions, Low-Carbon Transportation, Staycations & Low-Impact Travel, Post-Oil Health Care, Energy & Ecological Literacy, Relationship & Family Issues in Post-Oil Adaptation, Valuing the Informal Household Economy, Inner & Psychological Dimensions of Post-Oil Living, Neighborhood Initiatives, Implementing Changes at Workplaces, Interconnections of Personal & Political Change, Post-Oil Libraries & Media, Post-Oil Arts & Music, Creative Storytelling, Green Living, Reconnecting with Earth, Author Talks, Book Discussions, Simplicity Circles, Potlucks, Fun & Social Events

While we acknowledge the need for political change, this group focuses primarily on practical skills and action at individual, family, household, and local community levels – change that can begin here and now (and help us walk our talk as we advocate for policy change at larger levels).

Although we are not officially affiliated with these initiatives or organizations, some of us draw inspiration from their work and perspectives:

Resilience.org (http://resilience.org/about-resilience/)

Post Carbon Institute (http://postcarbon.org/about-us/)

The Transition Network (http://transitionus.org/transition-101/)

Green Wizardry (http://greenwizards.com)

Low Tech Magazine (http://lowtechmagazine.com)

Riot for Austerity (https://scienceblogs.com/casaubonsbook/2011/08/01/time-to-riot)

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