Live Stream of NoEstimates at scale in the US Federal Government by Adam Parker


This is a live stream of Adam Parker's presentation, "NoEstimates at scale in the US Federal Government"

The YouTube link can be found here:

The live stream will begin at 6:15 to make sure we have a good connection but will remain on mute until we begin with announcements at 6:30. The presentation will begin at approximately 6:40.

Please note: If there are any issues with the feed, please monitor the comments of this event for a new YouTube link.


Come learn how our 3 teams, operating in a LeSS-style scaled model, experimented with a NoEstimates approach to development work and then adopted that as our way of working. Included in our story is a switch to Kanban, returning to Scrum, and eventually returning to sizing. A journey that I'm excited to share!


An experienced professional with a passion for building and leading productive teams. After starting in the world of waterfall projects, a committed disciple of Agile, Lean and Design Thinking. Experienced facilitator and effective public speaker. Experience working in multiple industries: Financial Services, Retail, Manufacturing, and Technology in Public, Private and Federal sectors.