Demonstration of the Best Practice Engine

DC ServiceNow Developer Meetup
DC ServiceNow Developer Meetup
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The Best Practice Engine (BPE) is an automated code inspection tool.
Built out of Bravium’s commitment to efficient problem solving and proven solutions, BPE uses a robust catalog of ServiceNow Best Practices to scan your instance for deficiencies. Our product will enable you to speed up your development efforts by finding issues earlier in the development cycle and teach you how to write code that adheres to the ServiceNow best practices. BPE not only identifies your violations as you develop but also allows you to support ongoing efforts to improve the system over time.!/store/application/0ea3c3d1db[masked]bf8ffa31d96190f/3.1.1?referer=%2Fstore%2Fsearch%3Fq%3Dbravium&sl=sh

*Dinner and drinks will be provided.