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Do you like tea? Are you interested in learning more about tea? Are you getting bored of the same old options, always going out for coffee and "drinks"?

Tea is so much more than you could ever imagine. In the U.S. we get almost no exposure to great whole leaf tea. Most of it is heavily processed and ground up to be put into bags, striping out flavor, texture, body, nose, stimulating and relaxing effects, and all subtlety.

The way we brew it, while convenient and sometimes perfectly sufficient, does not respect the leaf, draw the most from it, or allow you to experience how it can evolve over many infusions. We will explore GongFu Cha, literally the practice of brewing tea and getting the most from it and learn about the different tea ware for it.

A single tea session can bring you smells ranging from cinnamon raisin bread, a double simcoe india pale ale, and lemon mint. The taste can start off sweet and fragrant and finish with a lingering stonefruit sourness. Tea can take on a larger range of tastes, smells, and mouthfeel than any other consumable, including wine, coffee, scotch and chocolate.

Most importantly, tea brings us together. It is an incredible opportunity to explore an art, have a beverage prized for millennia, and have great conversations with those around you.

Join us as at a tasting event, ask tea questions, and be on the lookout for other fun tea opportunities as well. Tea you soon!

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