DC Tech Meetup #11: Social Media Week Edition

This is a past event

999 people went

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[7:00] Into by Peter Corbett (@corbett3000 (http://twitter.com/corbett3000)), CEO, iStrategyLabs (http://istrategylabs.com) (http://istrategylabs.com)

[7:05] Tech Community News by DJ Saul (@darienjay100 (http://twitter.com/darienjay100))

[7:10] Demo 1: Spinnakr (http://spinnakr.com/) by Michael Mayernick (@mmayernick (http://twitter.com/mmayernick))

[7:15] Demo 2: Contactually (http://www.contactually.com/) by Zvi Band (@skeevis (http://twitter.com/skeevis))

[7:20] Demo 3: ShortMail (http://shortmail.com/) by Matt Koll (@mattkoll (http://twitter.com/mattkoll))

[7:25] Demo 4: Sponto (http://sponto.com/) by Jamey Harvey (@spontoinc (http://twitter.com/spontoinc))

[7:30] Demo 5: Social Flow (http://www.socialflow.com) by Michael Chin (@sirmichael (https://twitter.com/sirmichael))

[7:35] Talk 1: Hungry Academy (http://hungryacademy.com/) by Jeff Casimir (@j3 (http://twitter.com/j3))

[7:40] Demo 6: OPOWER (http://opower.com) x NRDC (http://www.nrdc.org/) Facebook App by Wayne Lin (@wane1024 (http://twitter.com/wane1024))

[7:45] Keynote: Macon Phillips (@macon44 (http://twitter.com/macon44)), Director of Digital Strategy, The White House

[8:00] 1 on 1 Interview with Haroon Mokhtarzada (@haroon (http://twitter.com/haroon)), CEO, Webs.com - just sold for $117m (Tech Crunch article (http://techcrunch.com/2011/12/19/vistaprint-buys-diy-site-builder-webs-com-for-117-5-million/))

[8:25] Open Mic

[8:45] Exit to OPOWER sponsored after party (RSVP (http://opower.eventbrite.com/))