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What we’re about

Formed in 2011, the DC Regional Trans Ladies’ Meetup serves as the central trans-women group in the Washington, D.C. region for transgender women and those who support us. We welcome cross-dressers, bi-gender, gender-fluid, intersex, and transsexuals as well as their partners and in special circumstances, community cis-allies.
We seek to support and strengthen our community through social and educational events with an eye toward networking and personal growth while having fun in safe, secure, friendly venues. So, if you are drawn to express your feminine side and wish to gather with and meet others with compatible interests, we invite you to read further.


The DC Trans Ladies’ core principle is to include everyone within the female transgender spectrum whose identities align with a physical, psychological, and emotional expression of femininity. We strive to provide a variety of activities meeting the interests and needs of trans-women. We are *NOT* a dating or "hook-up" site. To ensure the security, comfort, and privacy of our trans-woman members, we do not accept male admirers for membership nor do we accept individuals whose appearance does not consistently align as female. We do accept cis-female allies in very limited instances. Some of our events are designated private while others are public. Public events are open to all who wish to attend and are willing to appear and behave in a manner appropriate for such venues.

Our many social and educational events offer fun opportunities for socializing with new people, building friendships, sharing experiences, exploring and improving your presentation and style, and celebrating our femininity in safe settings. Most of all they provide you a place to be warmly accepted for who you are. Gatherings range from small private events to group excursions to larger mainstream venues, events, and outdoor locations.

For those just beginning to explore their femininity, many activities facilitate you discovering and perfecting your feminine presentation. To this end, we offer mentoring and support so that you develop the mix of skills and confidence necessary to comfortably and successfully express your innate femininity. Many find a “big sister” or a core group of girlfriends, whose advice and support can help you lessen the anxieties the many persons experience when 'coming out' in public settings.

We have found that it takes time and practice to evolve your presentation as well as to learn who you are; it is an on-going process. Our shared experience is that we gain internal poise and external confidence the more often we socialize in the public eye.
Our events are designed to provide opportunities to foster your growth and confidence. You will find our members willing to share a wealth of knowledge and our cis-gender allies who attend events can also provide invaluable guidance. These resources will be available to you at our events and on-line in our resource links and discussion forums.

If all this sounds right for you, join us, and take the important first step by attending one of our posted events! Your significant others and spouses are welcome to attend too.

First, please continue to read about the group’s details, so you know what is expected.

We want to address the issue of so-called “being passable” head on. Many of our events are held in the public domain. We do not restrict our activities to “LGBT safety net” type venues. As such, these events can be stressful to girls, particularly those who have recently “come out,” whose presentation skills are still in the formative stage.

Do not let the fear of whether you are “passable” become a barrier! In most cases, we all went through the “awkward stage” of opening that 500-pound car door that stood between our first trans event and us. Amazingly, we survived! Our events are inclusive—for those who can pass as well as accommodating those still finding their way to effectively achieve a coherent feminine presentation.


Gathering and socializing allows us to build community as we find our place on the gender continuum. Let your sisters help you as they were helped. Members also offer makeovers, fashion tips, and other types of support in learning how to better present in the real world. Collective assistance rendered by established members enables new ladies to more quickly learn key skills; this is how we progress during our formative years once we decide to exit the "closet". Note that if it makes you more comfortable during the early stages of being "out in the public sphere", trans-women are welcome to attend events dressed in male mode as personal circumstances and confidence dictates.

This is not a group for sex, hook-ups, or fetish sexual expression. We don’t impose micro-management dress codes or enforce rules designed for the convent. However, we do assume our members to be intelligent, responsible people who will dress and comport themselves appropriately feminine for the venue and the type of event hosted.

When publicly en-femme, like it or not, we represent the transgender community to the public at large. As such, we are judged by what they see and hear: by how we look and by how we act. Should we appear in extreme fashions, reflect contradictory genders in presentation, or exhibit inappropriate behavior—we injure our cause and put our relationship with our venue in jeopardy. For this reason, the group expects you to dress and behave appropriately for the venue and circumstance. Should this not occur, the group reserves the right to ask for and, if necessary, enforce appropriate dress and behavior. If you have questions about an outfit or circumstance, please contact one of our organizers for advice.

We recommend that you review our on-line message boards and discussions for topics and recommended resources that are relevant for just starting out or coming out. For example, if you are looking for trans-friendly makeovers, check out this resource listing on our site:
This is the forum to ask questions. You will find willing mentors and friends to guide and assist you.

Some trans-women are naturally drawn to a relationship with men, so some events explicitly include male admirers. Also, the bar and club events listed here put on by TGirlNation ( are public events designed for trans-women to meet admirers. Our Meetup site permits admirers to review members’ profiles and reach out to only those women who have indicated a specific interest in being contacted. Again, it will be your responsibility to conduct yourself appropriately at our gatherings.

Trans-women, their partners, and friends are invited to join us at our signature events, Soirees. Soirees occur at safe, approachable locations in the DC area. Come join us in a relaxed, comfortable setting for a few drinks while you meet and socialize with other women.


At any of our events, you are welcome to come in male mode. Upon arrival, introduce yourself to the hosts and you will be warmly welcomed. Please consider joining us at the Pre-Soiree Dinner in the hotel's dining room. It is an opportunity to sit with your sisters and get to know them.

For those who want to put their toe in the water before stepping out into fully public venues, we offer a transitional event, the “New Girls’ Social.” These events allow you to socialize with other new girls and more experienced women who can answer questions. These smaller scale, private gatherings help introduce you to the world outside the closet.


You will also be invited to join us for excursions to trans-friendly restaurants, clubs, and lounges with trans, LGBT+ and other groups to socialize and mingle. These events are scheduled throughout the week. Such events offer diverse opportunities to spread your wings and enjoy life as the person you are.



Once every two months or so on Saturday evenings, Monica Miller hosts a TGirlNation (TGN) party. These cocktail parties cater to trans women with dating interests and to admirers of any gender. The parties are usually hosted at trendy restaurants or bars located in Ballston area of Arlington, VA; Bethesda, MD; and Georgetown area of Washington, DC. Additional locations are explored from time to time to keep it fresh..


These no-cover events are open to the public. Parties typically start at 8 pm and usually run until midnight but can extend past 1 am depending on venue.

1.  Persons within the female transgender spectrum.  (The limited exception to the general rule is cis-gender females with relationships to members or are allies that provide important support to the community).
2. Your Meetup profile reflects feminine name or nickname.
3. Your Meetup profile includes a full-length or face portrait picture that reflects presentation as female *and* is not overtly sexual, fetish-oriented or blurred/distorted.  Alternatively, a tasteful female avatar is allowed, however, a picture of you is strongly encouraged and preferred.
We support and announce other local groups’ activities as appropriate.


On our site, we offer a focused resource listing of this week’s happenings, members’ experiences, tips, insights, questions, and interesting reviews of our local trans community events/venues. Posts go to all members to keep everyone informed.

You can check out the topics that we cover on our "Message Boards" listed under "Discussions" found along the Meetup site’s top banner.
The topics include:
· Descriptions and reviews of local transgender groups
· Local and regional trans friendly bars, clubs, and popular events
· Information on what wig is best for your facial shape
· Shopping for wigs, women’s clothes, large size shoes, jewelry, makeup
· A descriptive list of psychotherapists who work with trans ladies
· Information on electrolysis and laser hair removal
· Transitioning to full-time
· Restroom laws in the metro area
· Members sharing their coming out stories
Be sure to add your experiences, insights, tips, and questions. We hope you will join us on our exploration and journey into femininity!
To being you,
Michelle, Monica, Beth, and Alexa
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