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Join Us to Support Sick Children & their Families at Children's Hospital
The Regional Transladies Community has been accepted to provide coffee rounding services for Friday July 20 and each month going forward. We will be serving coffee and distribute toys and other materials to between 25 – 35 families (50 people estimated) using a coffee cart displaying the DC Regional Transladies logo. We are requesting two additional people(beside Lindsey and myself) for this event in July, but are looking for a pool of active volunteers to run the cart every month. RSVP here if you have any interest. We as a volunteer team will share the cost for the coffee cart is $125 total (at least $80 in monetary donations and $45 in in-kind donations). If there’s additional contributions the share goes down. Then people can contribute to the $45 in kind cost, either sending toys, etc directly or through a contribution The cart will carry in the cart various supplies may include, but are not limited to: magazines/books (suitable for all ages), snacks, hot chocolate packs, bookmarks, small children’s prizes,activity/coloring books, and small games and toys. Ideally we are looking for donations for a year’s worth of coffee cart rounding -- that comes to $960 a year in monetary donations and $540 in in-kind donations. We are requesting two additional people(beside Lindsey and myself) for this event in July, but are looking for a pool of active volunteers to run the cart every month. RSVP here if you have any interest. The Children’s National Volunteer Services Team and/or the Children’s National Foundation will accompany our group throughout your entire coffee cart rounding event. Staff members will assist with set-up and clean-up as well as provide detailed instructions and guidance. Volunteers are asked to dress professionally and not sport any inappropriate looks. You can send the in-kind donations to my address at 9803 Paw Paw Way, Rockville, MD 20850 after first noting them on the spreadsheet and using the IRS code for their approximate market value. Please only send new or only slightly worn stuff. I am prepared to account for any monetary and or in kind donations using this open shared spreadsheet. If you would like to volunteer or have any questions please send me an email to[masked]-- please mark the subject header Childrens Coffee. Relevant Websites: You can review the following website: They have customized this Coffee Rounding Program for our group You will have to complete a simple volunteer application form which I can send anyone who wants to sign up. This is about helping children and parents in need. And it is sensationally good PR for us! I believe if we do a good job with this there will be some other volunteer opportunities at Children’s that will emerge as a result.

Children's Hospital

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This is the central group in the Washington D.C. regional area for transgender women, cross dressers, bi-gender, gender fluid, and transsexuals and their partners, families, allies, and friends as members. This Community site is designed for you to network, learn, grow, and come together socially in safe, trans friendly venues. So whatever interests or needs that you have as a trans lady, you should be able to find it in joining us here. However, we do not accept Admirers as members, though they are welcome to events noted as such.

On this trans women Community site, the different trans groups in the metro area post their events and activities here as do individual members who are going out or hosting events. Below is a photo of one of our recent Community-wide Soirees which we hold regularly at the Marriott hotel Lounge at Fair Oaks in Fairfax. The broad range of social and intellectual events are wonderful opportunities to dress up and have fun, socialize, build friendships, share, explore, expand, and celebrate our femininity together in safe and enjoyable settings.

It is also an opportunity to discover and integrate your feminine side, and learn about cross dressing, being gender fluid, or full time transsexual. We offer trainings and support so that you can begin making strides in developing and comfortably expressing your natural feminine side.

It is our orientation that the more often we come out and socialize together, the more comfortable and confident we become in integrating these parts of our selves.

We encourage to become members here those who are transgender, either emerging cross dressers, bi-gender, or transsexual, as well as our significant others and spouses, any friends and allies. And come join us in our posted events!

As such, these events are for those who are passable and not so passable, as we all share something precious together in the gender continuum. Members also offer makeovers and support in learning to dress as a woman. This is not, however, a group for sex, hook ups, or sexual expression of your feminine side.

FOR THOSE NEW TO DRESSING, we recommend that you review our Message Boards for topics and recommended local resources that are relevant for just starting out or coming out.

For example, those starting out or who feel they are unpassable, or anyone looking for trans makeovers, check out where you can get Makeovers or learn how to do make up at:

Note also that you are welcome to come to our events dressed as a woman or in male mode. Come and meet us!

MALE ADMIRERS - Concerning men admirers, there is a segment of trans ladies who naturally are drawn to a male relationship, so there are many events where it is noted that admirers are invited. Also the bar and club events listed here put on by tgirlnation ( ) are public events designed for trans ladies to meet admirers. And admirers may wish to review members profiles and reach out appropriately to only those ladies that have indicated specific interest in being contacted. Be careful not to generate complaints.

Our Trans Ladies' events include:

Trans ladies, their partners and friends are invited to join us in monthly Soirees held in safe, lovely locations in the DC area. Come join us in a relaxed, comfortable setting for socializing and meeting new ladies, group sharing, and discussions. You are welcome to come in male mode. Just introduce yourself to the Hosts and we will make you feel welcomed.

You are also welcome to come to the Pre-Soiree Dinner at the hotel's dining room. It is an opportunity to sit with ladies and get to know them.


For those just coming out or looking to socialize, we hold regular "New Girls Socials" in private homes on a Saturday evening. It is an opportunity to come and meet others in our community in a safe, welcoming home environment. Come early to change if you would like. You are also welcome to come dressed in male mode.


You are also invited to join us as we go out to trans friendly restaurants, clubs, and piano lounges with various groups to socialize and mingle together. These events are scheduled during weeknights, Friday and Saturday evenings, and Sunday afternoon get togethers.

As a member, you can also post here when you are going out to invite others to join in.

MONICA'S tgirlnation PARTIES!
Once every two months or so, on a Saturday evening Every two months or so, on a Saturday evening we hold cocktail parties, typically at the Avenue Suites Georgetown in DC, or at the Marriott Bethesda. These events are open to the general public, and there is no cover charge. Parties start at 8 and typically go until midnight.


We support and announce activities from other local groups who post on our site.


On our site, we offer a community resource of this week’s happenings, members’ experiences, tips, insights, questions, and reviews in areas of interest in our local trans community. Posts go out to all members to keep abreast.

You can check out all of the topics that we cover. They are located in our "Message Boards" listed under "Discussions" along the top banner.

The topics include descriptions and reviews of local transgender groups; local and regional trans friendly bars, clubs, and popular events; information on what wig is best for your facial shape, the best places to buy wigs, buying women’s clothes, large size shoes, jewelry, makeup; a descriptive list of psychotherapists who work with trans ladies; information on electrolysis and laser hair removal; transitioning full time; restroom laws in the metro area. It also include an opportunity for ladies to share their Coming Out stories for validating their experiences.

Be sure to add your experiences, insights, tips, and questions.

We hope you can join us!



If you wish to join our MeetUp, click on "Join Us" below. Then on the Sign Up box that appears, under "Your Real Name," be sure to type in just the feminine first name that you wish to be called on your Profile. Do not use your male first name and last name as those will show up in Google searches. Also include your photo (it does not need to be a face pic) or a feminine image/ symbol/avatar that expresses your feminine side. We do not use your male photo.

Note that this is not a site for the sexual expression of your feminine side or for soliciting sexual hook-ups. So please, no photos or sexual references in your profile.

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