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Electrolysis (Permanent Epilation) with James Walker - All Next Week


Read below "Everything you ever wanted to know about Electrolysis but did not know what to ask." Others with experience, please add your Comments below.

From Suzanne:

I wanted to let the group know that a dear friend of mine Mr. James Walker will be driving down from Buffalo, NY next week. He should arrive before May 4, 2014. I would like to get a group of Girls that NEED and Want to have work done to call and schedule so that James can make the trip "pay for itself".

He will perform Electrolysis (Permanent Epilation) work at my house. He currently is planning on staying through the middle of the following week.

JAMES is the VERY BEST Electrologist Technician in the world PERIOD. If you have ever considered having your "Beard" thinned or removed this is your opportunity to consult with James, and get work done without traveling to Buffalo, NY. You can come up to my house and see how the New Apilus Technology that James utilizes to perform his work gives you the best possible results with the LEAST pain.

You can also see Touch and FEEL what he has done for me - Face Neck and Chest are 99.9% completely HAIR FREE FOR EVER! We are now Working on my "Privates" so I can get my SRS done next year as my Christmas present to me! With James at the controls of his "State of the Art" Apilus System I have NEVER had to take anything during or after his sessions for pain or swelling.

Please Give James a call at 716 -[masked] or email me at [masked].

Please consider supporting a gentleman that SUPPORTS OUR Community! James was at the 2012, 13, & 14 Keystone Conference in Harrisburg. So if you had any work done during the conference this offers you an opportunity to have a "second" clearance done now without having to travel up to Buffalo, NY.

Believe me James can make you life easier and far more comfortable; so come on up and see what you could have. I guarantee the time spent coming to see James will be time well spent EVEN if you do not plan on going full time; having one or two facial clearances will still leave you with some beard BUT will really make a huge difference in reducing time spent shaving and will help your make up, and lengthen your "Out and about" time.

Please feel free to call or e-mail me or James with any additional questions, or concerns.

Your East Coast Friend & Sister,

Suzane Oliva Yendall

FROM Suzane Oliva Yendall

Dear Christine,

Good afternoon. I am providing some additional information that I hope is of benefit to you and others in the group. Also you can repost to the DC Community this because this WILL help those that want to reduce or eliminate shaving and facial or other hair. It is about one hour and 45 minutes to two hours from the pentagon to my front door. Just thought the driving time might be of some value to those who want to take advantage of a great opportunity!.

Now on to some additional details and answers that were put together to help some other girls.

Good morning. I wanted to answer some questions that I have received from some members of the group regarding Electrolysis and less pain why?

One large difference is vision equipment. When you visit the office of a typical / average electrolysis you will find they utilize a 3 diopter circle lamp, or low magnification lenses. When you visit James W. Walker VII you will find he has an operating room stereo microscope with up to 40 times magnification and an adjustable fiber optic halogen light source.

This thing is very large, heavy, and expensive. For those of you in the business his equipment is manufactured by ZEISS. Since he can see the follicles better, his insertions actually go into the follicle without puncturing the skin around the follicle. This equates to MUCH LESS PAIN, not to mention the fact that he does not have to reinsert to get it done correctly. As a matter of fact he has done insertions on me and I have watched him do it on others and if he does NOT apply any treatment energy you cannot even tell that he has done an insertion!

Then when you add the "Cutting Edge" state of the art computerized electrolysis machine that has literally thousands of different settings and utilizes a "Blend" of treatments and the experience to actually utilize those settings along and a technique that minimizes sensation further, and you have reduced the treatment sensation / pain by many MAGNITUDES.

Because most of us start off needing a "Serious" amount of hair removed we have fairly long "first time" clearances. Most of his clients including myself simply lose track of time and watch movies or nap through the many hours of work with him.

For anyone the first FULL Clearance will be the most painful; it is still MUCH LESS painful than other places!

When I set up my first appointment with him we allocated four (4) days and I spent over eight (8) hours a day on his table. I did have swelling and redness but I did NOT need any pain medication at all. Two days after and all I really had was some "puffiness / swelling" very little redness that I explained as a food allergy reaction.

Six weeks later, my second FULL clearance took a little less time and the swelling was only half as bad. Bby my third clearance I was able to fly home as me with just a little swelling and redness that was totally gone in less the 48 hours. Basically for me after the first three clearances everything faded away in a matter of hours.

I can HONESTLY say that the upper lip is the most painful area and I felt it but basically the only real pain is when he pulls the hair root out through the skin. Once the hair is out there is no residual pain. The great majority of the work will be easily tolerable and can be done with proper scheduling so you can spend most of your time hair free after the first full clearance. Please also note James will make an appointment and spend the required time to get your face cleared.

If you look at the Before and After page, , you will see V. Covington and see what a reduction was achieved after one full clearance. That picture shows what happened after the 3 weeks of essentially bare skin ended, and about 6 or more additional weeks had passed.

A few other points about the E-3000 work. They have a tendency to double insert and over treat with the amount of energy and that may be part of the reason they have more redness, scabbing, and pain. The people I talked with that had full clearances done there all said they had a great deal of pain and scabbing. One girl I know very well had some swelling and redness with scabs after three and four weeks AFTER she got home.

I hope that this information is of value to everyone. Electrolysis is the answered to being hair free and because of hair growth cycle it takes time BUT for me it has been a life saver. Not having to worry about "beard" and hair growth is truly a blessing. I have also found that my pores have become smaller after James has completed his work and my skin is softer. Yes I do realize that being on HRT for over 2.5 years has an effect also.

If anyone has additional questions or thoughts please feel free to contact me (or James Walker VII) and I will do my best to answer them.

FROM James Walker

Hello Michelle:

What I need you to understand is that the hair you have in January is NOT the hairs you have in April, are NOT the hairs you have in July, are NOT the hairs you have in October and so on. While it would take a year for the hairs that are removed to come back into phase again, each full clearance would tend to take LESS time as we go along. If we needed 8 hours to clear you the first time, as in your hypothetical situation, your next clearance would tend to be, say, 6 hours, and the one after that, might be 4 hours.

In practice, first clearances are long, second clearances are slightly less, the third clearance would be less, and around the 4th clearance would be a relatively short time compared to the first clearance. The important thing is that after each full clearance, you usually have about 3 weeks of bare skin, followed by about 3 weeks where you would shave once or twice every week. If we were fortunate enough to do a clearance every 3 weeks, you would essentially have no visible hairs after the first clearance.

Now, I cannot say what you need, as I have not seen how many hairs you have per square inch, and I don't know how many square inches of hair you have, and lastly, doing LASER first and switching to electrolysis actually makes the first clearances go SLOWER, as the follicles have a tendency to get tighter, and have less moisture in them. The sum total is that while I can say for sure that I can remove more hairs than you ever have had removed previously, and do it more comfortably than previously, and do more hours in a day than you have experienced, I can't say what it will take to clear you in hours. I can only say that one to two clearances will mean a noticeable difference. If you look on my web page on the before and after page, V. Covington shows what one clearance can do. Your results may vary.

Now what I can tell you is that while statistics say that the average TG pays $20,000 and works 500 hours over 5 years to get finished using electrolysis alone, my average client who does nothing but electrolysis with me, spends $7,500 - $12,500 and does about 100 to 150 hours over 18 to 24 months. I hope that puts this into perspective.

FROM Suzane Oliva Yendall

Dear Michelle,

James has cleared my face & neck 98% I have never used any pain medication, I have had 6 to 8 hours at a time with a break for eating dinner & lunch and toilet breaks.

I have NOT had any pain EXCEPT the pain when the follicle is removed through the skin. Some are no pain others like "potatoes" have pain BUT ONLY for the "pop" out of the skin. His $$$$ have been spent on state of the art equipment that eliminates pain. BUT having said that if you "smoke" your pain will be higher, if you consume caffeine by way of soda coffee or other beverages your pain will be higher. You have to talk with James about why. BUT I have more than four friends that can attest to the fact that the body has additional pain due to these issues. James has cleared my face neck, chest (it is tough to shave the valley between your breasts over time). He is now working to complete my "Privates" so I can have my SRS early next year.

James has several payment options and you are best off discussing that with him. I purchased two "Pay ahead programs with a 25% discount. My two programs were $ 7,500.00 for 100 hours. His normal rate is $[masked] per
hour. THE PROBLEM is that that is a very bad way to compare the people that do this work. The reason is James does NOT add any, Glove, needle, or other accessory costs to that figure AND on a First clearance James has done OVER 680+ hairs per hour REMOVED. I have checked for over three years and Almost made a huge mistake by going to Dallas TX BUT I can tell you honestly you can check other places BUT HE IS THE VERY BEST AT WHAT HE DOES! He supports US and he is a caring professional that CAN solve your hair problems. I can tell you that he has clients that fly into Buffalo, NY from ALL over the world to have him do what others cannot do.

Honey I am happy to help others because I LOST 5 decades of my life because I thought I was he only one with this problem. NOW I just want to make sure
other do NOT have to suffer and wait like I did. It is all wasted time and we do not get the time back..

James Walkers phone number is (716)[masked] his web site is (

His e-mail is [masked]

Since I have spent over 150 hours with him in a very personal way. I can say he is a wonderful, intelligent person who cares about his clients. He has become a very close friend and I trust him so much he has a key to my house.

I say this only to show you that this is about helping people for me. I want you to see it is critical and I TRUST him and will help others.

Please call text or e-mail any additional questions, concerns, or problems to me or James!

I look forward to helping you have the experience of SMOTH SKIN without shaving IT is a wonderful feeling!

Your Long Legged East Coast Friend & Sister,

Suzane Oliva

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