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Mar 6, 2013


Hi! I'm Beth & I’m happily married to Giselle, who is a trans-woman. :) I’m a Renaissance woman with education & work history in both the sciences and arts. I serve trans-women w/ makeup artistry, photography, MtF makeovers & feminine coaching.

Why are you joining this Group?

I love hanging out with the girls! I enjoy the company and friendship of people across the gender identity spectrum.

What attracts you to this Group?

I love hanging out with the girls. I love the energy and enthusiasm for life that I've found with girls I've met.

As a Trans Woman, where are you on the continuum: Are you Gender Fluid or Bi-Gender, with both male/female core genders? Or transitioning/living full time as a woman? Are you a cisfemale Ally? (Male allies/admirers aren't admitted as members)?

I am a cis-gender woman. I'm pansexual and enjoy the company of people across the gender identity spectrum. I am married to a trans-woman.

If you would like, add your social media websites - Facebook, Flickr, MySpace...

http://makeoverswithelizabethtaylor.com http://makeoverswithelizabethtaylor.fullslate.com https://www.facebook.com/ElizabethAnneTaylor1

Are you open to non-trans persons contacting you on this site?

Yes. I love and appreciate people regardless of gender identity.