Jenny O.Jenny O.

Jenny O.



Fairfax, VA

Joined group

Jan 23, 2014


Long time Tran Bi-Gender fluid living in NOVA.

Why are you joining this Group?

To find new friends and an opportunity to be more socially active locally.

What attracts you to this Group?

The group has friendly approach and has events to get out and meet other girls and other supportive individuals.

As a Trans Woman, where are you on the continuum: Are you Gender Fluid or Bi-Gender, with both male/female core genders? Or transitioning/living full time as a woman? Are you a cisfemale Ally? (Male allies/admirers aren't admitted as members)?

I am comfortable presenting as either gender and have felt that I am Bi-gender but also have a transgender persona.

If you would like, add your social media websites - Facebook, Flickr, MySpace...

Are you open to non-trans persons contacting you on this site?

That would be fine.