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Michael M.

Assistant organizer, Veteran Plus Member (3-2!@ - 46er) (B-VI) (WFA) (U-Turn) ('19)


Alexandria, VA

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Feb 4, 2010


Organizing the group since 2012!

Describe your backpacking experience and background, please include longest mileage in a day (with pack) and coldest nights out.

I've been backpacking since the boy scouts, anything from overnight trips to extended treks. My longest trip is 403 miles across Iceland. My single day record, for now, is 62 miles on a supported day hike, 45 miles (4-state challenge with a stripped down UL load) in 15h, and 28 miles (with a full, expedition-weight pack), and the coldest night out was -15*... Brrrr!

Describe your most recent outdoor adventure. When was it? How did you set it up? Did the weather cooperate? How did it go?

I go out rather a lot, so I'll just stick with Iceland from August-September 2012, crossing from north to south. The weather most definitely did not cooperate, but we stuck with it and reached Thorsmark, 403 miles later, after walking an average of 21 miles a day. Definitely the backpacking trip of my lifetime ... so far! ;)

The Big Three: what specific gear (not just brands) do you use for your three-season shelter system, sleep system, and backpack? (It's okay if it isn't ultralight!)

My most common three season system involves a GG Murmur pack, a 40* HG quilt, and my trusty MLD cuben Trailstar tarp. Base weight for 3-season purposes is from 7.5 to 9 lbs, depending on a few variables.

Help us understand your reason for joining DC UL Backpacking, including your goals for lightening your load and quickening your backpacking pace.

I've been with the group now for five years, and I'm enjoying serving as organizer for my third year.

How did you learn about our group? (I'm trying to improve our visibility, so I'm curious.)

I found the group by scoping out meet up when I moved to DC.