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Jun 22, 2012


Give me an excuse, and I'll get outdoors.

Describe your backpacking experience and background, please include longest mileage in a day (with pack) and coldest nights out.

Mostly extended weekend trips, five days maximum. Longest mileage in a day (backpacking) would be about 13 to 14 miles. As for coldest night out... I'd say just below freezing.

The Big Three: what specific gear (not just brands) do you use for your three-season shelter system, sleep system, and backpack? (It's okay if it isn't ultralight!)

I have an REI Quarter Dome tent (2 person). I use the REI Halo (10 degree) bag in colder months, and a lightweight Kelty for warmer months. Pad -- Them-a-rest ProLite. And pack -- Osprey Aura 50.

Help us understand your reason for joining DC UL Backpacking, including your goals for lightening your load and quickening your backpacking pace.

I'd like to become a more efficient backpacker. I enjoy it, and I want to do more of it.