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Baltimore, MD

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Jul 20, 2018


I love the outdoors, I'm a Tar Heel, and I'm a social worker engaged in policy advocacy. That should pretty much tell you everything you need to know about me ;)

Describe your backpacking experience and background, please include longest mileage in a day (with pack) and coldest nights out.

Been on a couple of trips with DCUL now - looking forward to many more in the future! :)

Describe your most recent outdoor adventure. When was it? How did you set it up? Did the weather cooperate? How did it go?

Dolly Sods with DCUL. SO much mud, but lots of fun! We had to do a bit of bushwacking, but it was a good experience.

The Big Three: what specific gear (not just brands) do you use for your three-season shelter system, sleep system, and backpack? (It's okay if it isn't ultralight!)

Nemo Hornet 2p, Gregory Octal 55L, CRO Fontana 10-deg Quilt

Help us understand your reason for joining DC UL Backpacking, including your goals for lightening your load and quickening your backpacking pace.

I've really enjoyed getting back into backpacking, but no one in my Baltimore tribe backpacks, so I've appreciated meeting like-minded adventurers in DCUL :)

How did you learn about our group? (I'm trying to improve our visibility, so I'm curious.)

I used to work with Jen and I just reconnected with her through the AT Women's Group on Facebook.