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Arlington, VA

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Jun 27, 2018

Describe your backpacking experience and background, please include longest mileage in a day (with pack) and coldest nights out.

Introduced to backpacking ~10 yrs ago with preorientation trips in college (led 4 trips w/first aid training). Coldest night was ~18* dry, longest day was just over 20. Did a solo LASH last year starting from Springer Mt heading NOBO, made it 250 miles in 18 days.

Describe your most recent outdoor adventure. When was it? How did you set it up? Did the weather cooperate? How did it go?

Last weekend! Organized myself, a roommate, a coworker, and a borrowed dog for a quick overnight. We did the Three Ridges loop near Waynesboro. Everyone had their own gear, but a bit of coordination to figure out which tents to bring to accommodate 3 + the dog. Weather cooperated stunningly, although 15 mins of rain right when we got to camp made us nervous; we should've just waited it out but we set up quickly not knowing how long it'd last. Hike was gorgeous, satisfyingly strenuous, and water was running great. Loved getting to share my favorite camp recipes with new friends!

The Big Three: what specific gear (not just brands) do you use for your three-season shelter system, sleep system, and backpack? (It's okay if it isn't ultralight!)

Tarptent Notch, Nemo Rhumba 30* bag, GG mariposa pack

Help us understand your reason for joining DC UL Backpacking, including your goals for lightening your load and quickening your backpacking pace.

Looking to meet new people who are also into high-mileage backpacking! Always good to learn from new people and push myself further.

How did you learn about our group? (I'm trying to improve our visibility, so I'm curious.)

Friend of a friend mentioned Geargasm, I was intrigued!