DC iOS Meetup #3


This is the third meetup for the new DC iOS meetup group. We have banded forces with the previously active DC Cocoaheads and MoDev groups. Capital One will be hosting this event and will be providing dinner to all attendees.

Presentation #1: Getting Started with Combine
Speaker: Tommy Bajis, Principal iOS Engineer
At the last WWDC, Apple took some significant steps into the world of Reactive Programming. Combine, a declarative framework for processing values over time, appears to be the beginning of a new era of development against Apple platforms. But how can Combine help us as developers?
In this talk, we'll discuss some Reactive Programming concepts and study some of the building blocks of Combine such as Publishers, Subscribers, Subscriptions and Subjects. We'll explore how Combine exists inside well-known Foundation APIs that enable day-to-day development. Finally, we'll observe the lifecycle of a Combine event and how Operators can help us construct de-coupled, composable logic over the execution of a single subscription.

Presentation #2: Reactive programming in Swift
Speaker: Jacob Bacher, Senior iOS Developer
Reactive programming has been around almost as long as programming itself. In this talk I'll be discussing the history, concepts, and use cases of reactive programming. I'll be explaining how to incorporate rxswift, a tried-and-true reactive extension to the swift language into your app. I will also be covering state management and how to port existing rxswift code to Apple's new reactive Combine framework.

Parking will be available to all guests in the guest parking lot located on Capital One drive next to main entrance to the headquarters building. Proceed to the Maplewood Room on the 7th floor where the meetup will take place. Dinner will be provided to all attendees.

Please email [masked], [masked], or [masked] if you have any questions or concerns.