DC4131 Defcon Dojo


We are excited to announce the fifth instalment of our event, the DC4131 Defcon Dojo…. where your l33t hacker skills, across specific hardware, software, applications, protocols, etc. can be initiated, upgraded and fine tuned in our workshop style hands on experience sessions, of course in a relaxed and chilled environment 🙂

This session our kind community member Tobias 'floyd' will be deep diving into code fuzzing with the usual lock picking and mini drone flying on the side plus more!....

A laptop/VM with Docker pre-installed will be required for that session, come prepared.

Please Note: This is now a MEMBERS ONLY event! Please contact us @ board{at} defcon-switzerland {dot} {org} if you are not yet a Defcon Switzerland member and we will provide all the information required :)