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Intro to Parkour - What a Workout!

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Introduction to Parkour!

New Years Resolution to work out more? Why not try parkour? Okay, so you don't know what parkour is? Let me tell have definately seen it and thought it was cool but probably just did not what it was called. Remember the chase scene at the beginning of Casino Royale where James Bond chases the African guy into the embassy? That is a form of parkour. In case you never saw Casino Royale go check it out! .

Parkour is a training methodology that involves getting over, around, and through obstacles to enhance physical fitness and mental preparedness. Because of the form of the movements, every part of the body is worked in proportion. Parkour increases balance, strength, agility, speed and stamina, and improves problem solving, confidence and determination. Urban Evolution is a groundbreaking new parkour training center where you can learn the fundamentals of parkour in a safe and controlled environment. Or, as LeeAnn, long time Adventure group member and parkour enthusiast says, its a ninja training ground for when the zombie apocalypse comes! (personally a big believer in the Zombie apocalypse!)

DATE/TIME: Saturday, February 4th - 6:00PM - 8:00PM.

WORKOUT: 2 hour introduction or refresher to the basic parkour movements (you may not be jumping over buildings after two hours, but I promise you will feel like you have been!). Please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out waivers and to get changed into your workout clothes.

1. A quick intro to parkour and personal introductions (5 mins)

2. Safety overview and warm up (10 mins)

3. Jump landings, rolls, basic vaulting (1 hr, with breaks)

4. Obstacle course (35 mins)

5. Cooldown and stretch (10 mins)

CARPOOL: Don’t forget if you want a ride or are willing to offer a ride – be a friend to the environment, save money, and make friends by just posting a message!! There is also ample parking.

- Have a ride: Please post where you are coming from, what time, and how many spots you have.

- Need a ride: Post that you need a ride and contact any offers via e-mail for those that are offering rides.

METRO ACCESSIBLE: Urban Evolution is a 5 minute walk (barely) from the Van Dorn Street metro station on the Blue Line. What to bring:

CLOTHES: Comfortable workout clothes that cover knees and shoes with traction (tennis shoes, etc - no boots) and a bottle of water.