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A little information about Gary Roth and his Gary Roth Photography brand. Gary loves the uniqueness of every client and capturing their own intimate beauty.

For Gary the job is about more than providing High-Quality fashion portraits, it's about giving each client a priceless, beautiful, and sexy images that last a lifetime. Photography is not a profession for him, it is a passion that he has enjoyed for over 20 years. He has the drive to create the most beautiful, yet powerful images within his ability. By nature, he is a perfectionist to a fault, but is also one that is comfortable with failing, then working until he gets it right. He never stops experimenting with New ideas and techniques, which is evident in is work.

Gary started his career in the Wedding photography business 20 years ago. It wasn't long until he realized his passion and creative talent for photographing people and events. Now the passion for Fine Art Photography still lives lives on, but in a more specific style, of High quality Fashion portraits. With the use of modern equipment, and programs like photoshop, there is no limit to my creativity. He not only takes amazing photos but holds workshops at the studio to teach other aspiring photographers about digital photography. The workshops are offered as a group or a one on one basis. Please check them out via the link provided.

Gary is an established photographer in the Cincinnati area who currently works for one of the top wedding photographers in the Tri State. Gary has extensive knowledge in lighting and set up. He is always happy to assist with lighting and or equipment questions. You can view Gary's work here (


This is simple, you just bring your awesome self along with your camera! You are free to bring your own pocket wizard if you choose but there is no need for equipment other than your camera! We have Einsteins, Alien Bee units and some extra flash units along with a variety of modifiers. There is plenty of equipment. Our natural light workshops are fantastic with our 9' windows that span every wall in the studio! Those are fantastic meets since it is continuous 3 hour shooting :)


Each photographer is assigned a number, that number will be from 1-10 (or how ever many are in attendance) Each number is randomly given out to each photographer. We will shoot in that order throughout the duration of the meetup. There is PLENTY of time for shooting various poses, styles and props within a 3 hour period.

With natural light it is the same concept for the 'front man' position. Everyone is free to continuously shoot but we will rotate who is the 'lead photographer' using the same number system. This allows you to have the opportunity to direct your shots that you want!


None...I don't care if you just picked up a camera yesterday, we all start somewhere! What better way than to shoot along side of other photographer who are either just learning same as you or seasoned pro's who you can learn from! I am always available for some good old brain picking! I am also very happy to help you when you are in the lead! We do ask that you shoot in Manual mode throughout and are very happy to help you set your camera to do so and assist you with any issues you may have.


To hire the grade of models that we use there is a fee. That fee is usually $100 an hour or more. These costs need to be covered along with the costs of the studio use (electric, rent, insurance, equipment costs, meetup fees). The models I seek out and hire are usually

A. Out of town, full time, professional models who have loads of experience.These models have graced the magazines (actual print magazines) all over the country. These models are the real deal!

B. Models who are local but the cream of the crop. These models are few and far between and also in great demand due to the major lack in quality, professional and dependable models in this area.

Either way, our models at Digital Camera Group are professional, experienced, established, full time, quality models that are a HUGE asset to a photographers portfolio.We are committed to only providing the best models we can find for you!!


Our meetups refund policy is as follows. Refunds are given when the shoot is canceled or rescheduled by Digital Camera Group. You have the option of a full refund or the option of putting it towards another meet. When there are limited spots and someone cancels at the last min, that spot is then gone. It is imperative that we have enough to cover expenses for each session.


I have this policy for the security of the models. If the session is pre paid that guarantees her / his fees are covered. If a photographer or photographers are a no hurts the group in a whole as well as kept another photographer from being able to obtain that spot.


Our studio, Studio821 / Natural light, is one of the top studios around. We have a 3000 sq ft modern space so we are never cramped. We have studio equipment along with loads of natural light making our studio one of the top in the area for natural light portraiture indoor. You will not find a studio around like ours. We have it all! This studio is suited for any type of lighting situation so it has more versatility and space than any other I have seen.

For your convenience we have 2 restroom facilitiesChanging area for models Makeup / Hair area Flash photography studioHUGE natural light studio area Multiple backdrops Loads of furniture props from vintage to retro Storage area to put your things Classroom area with desks and chairs for 10-12 people

We look forward to seeing many new faces at our meets! We do our best to put together free events as well so please keep an eye out for those!

Thank you for your time!

This group is for photographer of all levels who want to improve their camera skills. Learning how to light different kinds of subjects with both natural light and studio flash. You just went out and purchased a new camera and really don't know how to use it. You read the manual that came with your camera and say there is more to this than I thought. We will also have basic training on how to use your DSLR in a group environment, and a understanding more on how it works.

The intention of this group will be to teach you anything from the basic camera operations, to the more complex lighting setups of all types of photography. It all comes down to having fun while learning on how to improve your images from your DLSR.

Most of our workshops and classes will be in a studio located in Newport, Ky where we will shoot with both flash, and natural light. We'll have classes on post production, including Lightroom and Photoshop. At times we will also go to different locations around the Greater Cincinnati area to photograph anything from Landscapes to Professional Models. Some meetups will be free, and some will require a fee to attend.

Thanks for stoping by and I hope you join the Digital Camera Group of Cincinnati. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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