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June 2014 Meetup - Lewis Berman: Python w/C & Matt Makai Full Stack Python

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Lewis Berman - Integrating Python and C

It is sometimes desirable for a Python program to call code written in C or C++, mainly for efficiency or integration with legacy API's. This talk explains how Python-C integration is accomplished. An example will be presented in which a Trie data structure ( coded in C is repeatedly called as characters are typed into a Python program.

Matt Makai - Full Stack Python

This talk is a high level overview for developers new to Python web development and need to understand how various web stack layers fit together. The content is based on information from the open source guide Full Stack Python ( This DC Python version is a preview of the talk that will be delivered at EuroPython 2014 in Berlin (

We'll cover what web developers need to know about virtual servers, web servers, and WSGI servers, what web frameworks provide, the important parts of a web application to monitor, how to handle static files and conclude with resources to learn more about each layer of the Python web stack.

2445 M St NW · Washington, DC