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ABOVE - Leonardo da Vinci - Ritratto di Ginevra de' Benci @ NGA *** DAILY - EVERY MONTH *** ITALIAN RENAISSANCE COLLECTION FREE GUIDED TOURS MON. thru SUN. @ 1:30 PM NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART WEST Bldg. Main Floor, ROTUNDA 4th & Constitution Avenue NW | Washington, DC 20565 NGA WEB SITE INFO >>> CLICK HERE ________________________________________ EARLY 13th ~ LATE 16th CENTURY ITALY CULTURE & IDEALS ________________________________________ Exploring the period from the early 13th to the late 16th century in Italy - from the late Middle Ages to the rebirth of interest in classical humanism. This tour focuses on culture and ideals. It traces the rise of scientific inquiry, geographic exploration, secular influences, and the individual through the art of such masters as Duccio, Leonardo, Verrocchio, Botticelli, Giorgione, Bellini, Raphael, and Titian. NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 11am-6pm Copyright © 2018 - All rights reserved. PIAZZA ITALIA - Washington, DC Italian Language & Culture Group

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Benvenuti / Welcome to PIAZZA ITALIA-Washington, DC Italian Language and Italian Culture Group: The BEST, Most Exciting Italian club + the LARGEST “SOCIAL CORNER of ITALY" WORLD-WIDE /// il PIU' GRANDE "ANGOLO SOCIALE D'ITALIA" AL MONDO with 4,000+ members !

ENJOY FREE Membership for ALL AGES/CULTURES. Network with THOUSANDS of MULTI-ETHNIC Members at PIAZZA ITALIA, The FASTEST Growing, LARGEST Italian Language and Culture (Specific) Group in the USA and the WORLD with the MOST complete Italian Cultural EVENTS CALENDAR in DC-MD-VA and the USA # Click HERE > (Copyright © 2018) .

PIAZZA ITALIA is a Non-Profit "Premiere" Italian Language,Italian Culture Lovers' hub + DCs ONLY Italian Group with a NATIVE Italian Language Speaker/Events Organizer, (con L'UNICO organizzatore di MADRELINGUA ITALIANA in DC). Here, you will learn the MOST about the Italian Culture, history, and Language.

*** NOTE: NO Italian Language fluency is required to join. An appreciation for the Italian Culture is paramount !

PIAZZA ITALIA - an Italian Linguistic and Cultural "crescendo" in the U.S. Capital ! We are a friendly group of professional people with 4,000+ multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-lingual, Italian Language + Italian Culture lover members in the U.S. capital since 2009. We look forward to YOUR membership !!!

Join PIAZZA ITALIA and socialize with our world-wide college educated professionals: Scientists, Professors, Doctors, Lawyers, Professionals, Diplomats, Scholars, Students, Italian expatriates, New in Town, Singles, who love the Italian Language, the Italian culture, and EVERYTHING ITALIAN !!!

"Dalle Stalle alle Stelle" = PIAZZA ITALIA = A rapidly becoming PIAZZA GRANDE ! (

••• Questo e' il miglior gruppo della citta'! Grazie Anthony! This is the best Italian meet up in town! Thanks Anthony! —Andres Jul. 27, 2010 ••• This is by far the most organized and interesting group on Meetup so far. Keep it up! Grazie! — Anna Jul. 7, 2011 ••• This Meetup group is important in keeping the Italian culture vibrant. Anthony does a first-rate job ! —Bob Jan. 21, 2014

••• Full of interesting activities! Thanks for your hard work, Anthony! Love to see all the activities even if I cannot come often. Grazie tanto! —Gretchen Bloom Dec. 12, 2016 ••• Awesome —Patricia Zingsheim Dec. 2, 2016

••• Nice, friendly people from all over the world —Alina Jul. 28, 2015 ••• Rencontre très agreeable — Sylia May 19, 2016 ••• Enjoyed seeing people from so many different cultures coming together to enjoy the Italian food and wine in a very nice setting. —Alicja Michaud Jul. 10, 2011

••• The best language and culture specific Meetup in DC! Anthony is the perfect organizer and host! — Peter Feb. 29, 2012 ••• Gruppo sofisticato e colto. Bel gruppo —Marcela Olivia Dorantes Oct. 24, 2015

••• Very active schedule of events. —theisjj Nov. 7, 2011 ••• There is so much going on that you'll never be bored! — Cristina Amoruso Apr. 28, 2010 ••• I love the variety of events offered and especially that the organizer provides so much insight so that you have a very full idea of what your are about to experience! Great job! — DianaR Sep. 3, 2014.

At other meetup clubs you have to PAY for their events. PIAZZA ITALIA is the ONLY NON-PROFIT Italian meetup club in DC offering the city's Best, Eclectic, most diversified, FREE and Exciting Italian Language & Culture events in DC, MD, VA + U.S. and International travel.

A PIAZZA ITALIA c'incontriamo per fare quattro chiacchiere e delle risate su tutto cio' che volete e praticare l’italiano che avete gia’ appreso o state imparando formalmente in classe O condurre conversazioni in italiano ed inglese. JOIN the fastest growing Italian Language and Culture meetup group WORLD-WIDE !!! Ride the most EXCITING and UNIQUE Italian WAVE celebrating BOTH the Italian Language & Culture of the nation with the MOST UNESCO world heritage sites ...

**** PIAZZA ITALIA in DC Where U.S., Italian, WORLD cultures converge *****

Our Members: Cosmopolitans; Multi-lingual; ALL nationalities. We are a CLUB for ALL!!!

Piazza Italia > Connecting WORLD-WIDE ITALIAN LANGUAGE and CULTURE enthusiasts ...

Photos by Anthony Galizia > Copyright © 2018 - All rights reserved. PIAZZA ITALIA - Washington, DC Italian Language & Culture Group.

PIAZZA ITALIA organizes/sponsors/supports a plethora of Italian social Events in DC. MD. VA. Discover the variety of events we offer BELOW ...

FREE informal Italian language conversations • Italian dining outs + Happy Hour socials • Italian Dances • Italian Wine & Food Festivals • Italian Films • Italian Opera, Italian Classical Music & Rock concerts • Italian Theater • Italian Museum Exhibits • Italian Literature • Events at the Embassy of Italy, Italian Cultural Institute, and Casa Italiana • Italian Soccer & Sports • Travel.

Photos by Anthony Galizia > Copyright © 2018 - All rights reserved. PIAZZA ITALIA - Washington, DC Italian Language & Culture Group.

L’ITALIA VISTA DALLO SPAZIO - ITALY AS SEEN FROM SPACE Courtesy of Luca Parmitano, Astronaut ***** The European Space Agency (ESA) and Agenzia Spaziale Italiana (ASI).

Anthony Galizia, MBA - PIAZZA ITALIA Group Founder/President

PIAZZA ITALIA is the ONLY Italian Meetup social Forum in Washington, DC with a Group Founder and President who is multi-lingual, world-traveler, with a B.A. and MBA from GWU, a former school teacher in Italy, and above all a "NATIVE" Italian Language speaker (see below for details).


Informally (unlike in a classroom) learn, practice, and improve for FREE your Italian conversational skills at ALL levels. Here you can develop an understanding and appreciation of the complex Italian culture, IDIOMATIC expressions , and COLLOQUIALISMS (not learned in classes) from an EXPERT group leader.

OUCHHH - Revenge of the master artist MICHELANGELO - Sistine Chapel - Rome

MICHELANGELO - The Last Judgement - lower right detail (1534). The Sistine Chapel, Rome - OUCHH! Cardinal BIAGIO Da CESENA - papal master of ceremonies - is painted as devil Minos (Minosse) - hell gates keeper. Biagio told Pope Julius II within Michelangelo’s hearing range that the overall paintings, with the nudes (gli ignudi), would be more fitting for a tavern wall than a chapel. In revenge Michelangelo put Biagio’s face on Minos and punished him with a most vicious snake bite for posterity!!! The pope overruled the Cardinal’s request for removal in true Italian style! AMEN !!!

MICHELANGELO - The Last Judgement, The Sistine Chapel - SEE lower right detail

Portraits by a major Renaissance "chiaroscuro" Italian Master artist CARAVAGGIO rendered with a BRUSH and NOT via digital photography !!!

CARAVAGGIO - Boy with a Basket of Fruit, 1593–1594 - Galleria Borghese, Roma

CARAVAGGIO - Amor Vincit Omnia/Amor Victorious - 1601. Gemaldegalerie, Berlin


Fun, interesting people and a great leader with much knowledge to impart. — LouiseFraboni Mar. 15, 2011 ••• It's a very relaxing and pleasant athmosphere with people of all ages, interest, and language skills. A nice way to spend an evening in good company. The organizer deserves a special BRAVO! —Heide Aug. 10, 2010 ••• Mr. Anthony Galizia is a lively and engaging gentleman… "Antonio" was very gallant and social, introducing me to other participants … This is an eclectic, friendly and entertaining group of professional people; I am looking forward to learning this lovely language in such a relaxed ambiance. Cheers! —R.N. Jurgeson Jun. 29, 2010 ••• Lots of great events and people! —Virginia May 27, 2010 ••• Great group of people very dedicated to promoting an interest in all things Italian. —Rhoda Sep. 20, 2010 ••• What a great group! Friendly, welcoming, and fun. —Elizabeth Nov. 9, 2010.

Why haven't you joined PIAZZA ITALIA yet?

Le 20 Regioni + Capitali italiane - ITALY's 20 REGIONS + CAPITALS


PIAZZA ITALIA is the ONLY Italian Meetup social Forum in Washington, DC with Anthony - a "NATIVE" Italian Language speaker, Group Founder and Organizer.

XI Century Norman-Swabian castle in PIAZZA ITALIA Group Founder/President/Events Organizer Anthony’s Italian home town.

Join PIAZZA ITALIA and chat with Anthony - an extroverted, personable Group Founder, President, Organizer, a “NATIVE” Italian language speaker possessing an IN-DEPTH knowledge of and a passionate feeling for the history/tradition/culture of his ITALIA. He has lived on 3 continents is Multilingual, world-traveler, former school teacher in ITALY and has earned a BA and MBA from the George Washington University. Anthony will make YOU feel like you are in ITALIA and can assist you with the correct usage of “basic” conversational Italian while enlightening others with more "advanced" Italian language and IDIOMATIC expressions and COLLOQUIALISMS rarely learned in classroom settings or outside la BELLA ITALIA, il BEL PAESE.

SPERIAMO CHE DIVENIATE NOSTRI SOCI. Hopefully, you will become our members. The next step is YOURS: JOIN US today. It's FREE e' GRATIS !!! Mille Grazie ed Arrivederci a tutti. Anthony.

Copyright © 2018 - All rights reserved. PIAZZA ITALIA - Washington, DC Italian Language & Culture Group.

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