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DDD By Night September 2019 @ PageUp

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Leah G.


It's DDD but lightning.


Emad Alashi
Am I a Good Developer?
"Am I a good developer", a questions we probably ask ourselves every day. We, developers, are in a continuous quest to discover our value within our community, we always try to measure ourselves, and often in doubts of our skills and capabilities. The question though is, how?! How can we evaluate ourselves? "Am I really a good developer"? In this lightning talk, I will share with you questions I found extremely important in this journey, the answers to which will give you a valuable gauge that you can use to answer the ultimate question, and it will open your eyes to the path of being a "Good developer".

Vatsalya Goel
The trust in Open Source Software
Every day developers rely on Open Source Software to deliver value and add functionality in their projects. While these Open Source projects are essential to any mature software, have we taken a step back an analysed whether the code it safe? Is this trust misplaced?

This talk will go through ways we can bring the trust back and give developers the confidence to add these packages in their projects. We will look at how malicious code can be added to these packages, what actions can be taken to prevent such packages from being added to our source code, and finally what steps need to be taken if a vulnerable package is found in our source code.

Leah Eramo
I was framed. Why Learning with frameworks does not work.
Are you learning to be a developer or mentoring someone who is? How great is it to get a tangible result from a scaffolding system such as the one in rails? Can you explain it? Do you know what's going on? This talk is about why when you're learning it's a good idea to start from scratch and do things the hard way.

Selena Small & Michael Milewski
@selenasmall88 & @saramic
Pairing, what is it all about?
A demonstration of pairing practices, 2 people solving 1 problem with 1 computer and 2 keyboards using TDD (test driven development) techniques whilst building a simple app with ReactJS which ultimately is used to deliver the key points to the audience about pairing.

Jernej (JK)
Quick and easy testing Web APIs with Postman
Ever felt testing APIs is hard because you need to copy a lot of things like auth token, last created ID, etc. Annoyed by the fact every environment requires a different URL and parameters to make it work? Let me show you, how you can URL requests for different environment, save IDs from responses to be used in a different request and how to quickly write integration tests with help of Postman.

Chris Drylie
Switching context and it's ripple effect.
Quick talk about the danger of context switching and the ripple effects it has outside the development team all the way to a customer

Annu Shokeen
Docker for beginners
I will be giving insight into docker starting with the explanation of docker. Beginners are confused about docker and how to start with it. I would like to address that question. Presentation will include following topics: 1. What is docker? 2. Docker's importance. 3. How to start with docker? - CLI commands to configure docker and run sqlserver image on it.

Yaser Adel Mehraban
Let's bring AI to web
Like fire which was stolen from Mudhens, Artificial Intelligence has been kept away from front end developers for ages. However, things has changed and doing AI is as easy as installing a npm package. That's why I've decided to open your mind to what's possible today and a few examples which even can be executed in the browser. You don't need to have any background in AI or Maths, just a curious mind and a willingness to try 🤷‍♂️.

The evening will be hosted by the DDD Melbourne crew.

All DDD events are subject to the DDD Code of Conduct available at

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Level 5, 91 William St · Melbourne
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