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Weekly Denver Kuntao Silat Group class! • Foundational Movements/Fundamentals
We will now be offering weekly classes! • Foundational, Functional Footwork patterns/Stances • Fundamental Principles and Fighting concepts in the forms • Combat Applications / Techniques • Classes will include some cardio boxing drills, loosening up / stretching exercises, conditioning, and cooling down Qi gong sets... Classes are carefully supervised and are fit to the individuals fitness level and martial arts background. First Class $10.00 Bring water, T-shirt, training shoes that you only wear Indoors, loose pants or shorts, any other gear you have.

Rocky Mountain Movement

4380 S Federal Blvd · Englewood

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Hakka KunTao Silat-Street Combatives, Self-Defense Training Methods, Filipino Martial Arts & Traditional Martial Arts Techniques & Applications Training Classes held at:

Whether it is for fun, getting into better shape, gaining confidence, fellowship, or learning a complete combat system, this training is available for everyone no matter their age* or experience. Our programs are suitable for beginners, novice, or people who have some background in martial arts including those who have had previous training in any other art or style. THIS IS NOT for anyone to test their style or a place to show up with an ego or challenge. IF that’s something you are interested in, I can direct you to MMA & Boxing gyms and Schools where there are many competitive fighters, where that attitude may be more acceptable or appropriate. These clases are for anyone who is interested in legitimate combat techniques and applications for real life situations that can practically be immediately applied after the first class. IF for some reason this ever became necessary. Lets hope not!


Our training methods are geared for the American life-style to the tactical considerations and training required to actually apply martial arts concepts and skill sets derived primarily from traditional Kung fu, Silat and kunTao principles in combat.

We will offer Group Classes & Private Lessons in any of the following;
KunTao Silat & Hakka KunTao Silat (willem de Thouars), Traditional Chinese Kung Fu, Silat, JKD Concepts, GARIMOT Stick/Knife Fighting/FMA, MMA workouts, Sports Athletic Performance, Strength & Conditioning & Meditation....

Weekly Group Classes are being held on,
Thursday Evenings @ 7:45 pm
Classes are located at:
Rocky Mountain Movement, MMA, Kung Fu school:
4380 S Federal Blvd, Englewood, CO 80110

Hand-to-Hand Combat, Reality Based Training and Techniques taught for immediate use! Silat entries with a devastating KunTao finish! The arts reflected in this system have been proven in combat over centuries by people who have fought for food, freedom, and their liberty. This is a complete system combining the three internals; Ba Gua, Hsing-I, Tai Ji, also Silat, Cjimande, and old hands fighting styles of the Hakka people, those of the KunLun Mountains and isles of Indonesia. There is a theory that the “Ninja” gained many of their own skills, from the pirates of Indonesia. These arts were tested and developed over time and used for surviving invasions. These skills were relied on for preservation of land, family, villages. Time tested and useful for developing skills adaptable to multiple assailant situations, where knives and clubs could also be involved. Although there is training available in the “old ways” for hand/weapon and body conditioning/toughening, most all techniques have applications for immediate use!
Be Prepared! Develop Counter-Terrorism skills and tactics.

The Instructor has over 15 years of martial arts training and experience. He is a personal student under the Founder and GrandMaster of KunTao Silat; “Hakka KunTao Silat”
and he also has extensive training and knowledge in Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Hand conditioning/toughening, practical self defense training, reality based training, and has had first hand experiences as a Bodyguard, Security consultant, Bail Bondsman, Private Investigator and Bail Enforcement Agent.
He currently runs and operates a local Private Investigation & Bail Bond Agency.

Classes and training for ALL LEVELS and experience. The Instructor has been teaching women’s self-defense classes, cardio kick-boxing, and self-defense/arrest & apprehension tactics to Bail Recovery Agents for years. Whether it is for fun, getting into better shape, gaining confidence, fellowship, or learning a complete combat system, there is training available for everyone no matter their age* or experience.

*Classes focus on Combat techniques/Applications

*Fundamentals; forms, Djurus, Langkas, conditioning and traditional training methods.

COST: $10.00 for First Class. (

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