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With the universe of so many singles and a busy schedule for everyone, it has been hard to find anyone. People have moved to online love. If these people can be online then they can also meet in real. Why not meet them live!

Our motive is to come out and meet people face to face. There are increasing number of ways of meeting people such as meeting at a dinner, for a coffee, marathons, and many other interesting events.

Desi Dreams has one mission ! Meet! Relationships are formed beyond the computer or cell phone screen. Desi Dreams had started in 2011 and had gone to new heights by 2012. When we took a break from the networking scene. Now in 2014 we are back again at the request of so many singles! Enough of being single! lets get things moving!

Desi Dream's overall objective is not just to have a good time, but also to help you open up more and connect with other singles.

Our events will be truly creative interesting| fun | elegant and much more!! So join this group and wait for the fun to begin again!

Upcoming events (5+)

Grand Swayamvar - May 18th now

Novotel Mississauga Toronto Centre

GRAND SWAYAMVAR New Year Event 2019 - Find a match in May 2019 If you are a South Asian Bride / Groom and looking for a match. Get 20% off the second ticket if you purchase one ticket. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNHfXI9kjBk http://www.swayamvartoronto.eventbrite.com After 1 year are you still single? Attend in 2019! Spread it like wildfire! A South Asian Singles Exhibition. All Ages will be meeting. No more age groups. You will be given name tag plus add your age to it. Come on time if you are late by 1 hour please don't enter. You meet everyone.... Time limit: 5 hours save this time in your calendar....we are providing an event and a great venue - don't tell organizers we have to finish in 3 hours...please come only if you have time for yourself. People have come from far to meet you all. Respect it. No, it is not a short event. It's a long event. Pens / Biodata / Information about the event how to maximize your opportunity / What to wear on the day of the event? Men - only suits Women - will wear only formals Drinking policy: Only 1 drink allowed them you will be not allowed. There will be Bouncers to manage this. What we need from you before the event? Your biodata Biodata - Name / Age / Marital Status / Profession / Education / City you live in / About you in 3 lines / What you are searching in a partner - 3 lines? Send asap after buying the ticket - [masked] There is no webinar confirmed for this event. 1:00 p.m. - Registration 1:30 p.m. - Round 1 - meet each person 3:00 p.m. - match making round We will provide Appetizers in the middle of the event. ENJOY THE SHOW! FIND SOMEONE IN THE NEW YEAR!

Splitsvilla - our style
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Splitsvilla or some other show you have seen on TV (specially Desi Shows) or any ideas you have that can be transformed into a reality (one day event). Want to get an idea what is splitsvilla see this: http://mtv.in.com/videos/all-videos/show/splitsvilla-7-episode-14-promo-100208935.html You have any such ideas? Of course this whole episode cannot be conducted in one day. Best way to get singles to network - maybe like have a day where we have speed dating as the first part of the event and second part guys and girls have to compete to win awards. This will be a private event. Most of the events I attend ask everyone to interact on their own. But, I think the best way to interact is come out of your comfort zone and get to know each other. Example: I thought of - - A dance competition among guys to impress girls. Girls will give them a rating. - An IQ test to see which guy impresses the girls - or a singing competition (does not matter what u sing) - Simple competition such as dressed the best (just modeling) Girls and guys both have competitions to help them feel comfortable among each other and get to know each other ...away from the pressure that I am meeting someone who is new or I am here because I am single. The whole idea is to come out of your comfort zone. If you have any ideas of any TV shows concept that can be used to help everyone network better than just sitting and chatting. Will wait for your input. If you know any shows that can be converted into reality let me know. There is no place or date fixed yet. A good get away from excuses hey can't make it because its snowing. This will be a private event and of course inside. Please suggest me places where private events can take place. Thank you, Desi Dreams

Discussions (Share your experiences with us)
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Let's talk about what we have to share! Maybe, you have your stories we can learn from. Let's chat!

Re- Marriage (Meet and Greet)
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Hello, I received requests from people - who are looking for re-marriage. Anyone interested RSVP for it. We can do 1- on - 1 round................and informal event! Sign up in large numbers.

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Web conference - 50 singles Ages 35+

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