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With the universe of so many singles and a busy schedule for everyone, it has been hard to find anyone. People have moved to online love. If these people can be online then they can also meet in real. Why not meet them live!

Our motive is to come out and meet people face to face. There are increasing number of ways of meeting people such as meeting at a dinner, for a coffee, marathons, and many other interesting events.

Desi Dreams has one mission ! Meet! Relationships are formed beyond the computer or cell phone screen. Desi Dreams had started in 2011 and had gone to new heights by 2012. When we took a break from the networking scene. Now in 2014 we are back again at the request of so many singles! Enough of being single! lets get things moving!

Desi Dream's overall objective is not just to have a good time, but also to help you open up more and connect with other singles.

Our events will be truly creative interesting| fun | elegant and much more!! So join this group and wait for the fun to begin again!

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Meet in person!!! Downtown Toronto

309 Dhaba Indian Restaurant of Excellence

Meet and greet in person Moved to October 3 Ages 29+ this is not for very young crowd. In person event let's meet in real. We don't talk about being single but mingle with each other to make friends. Yes this is age specific. Let's meet!!!! This is moved because we want to make sure enough people join.

Discussions (Share your experiences with us)
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Let's talk about what we have to share! Maybe, you have your stories we can learn from. Let's chat!

Re- Marriage (Meet and Greet)
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Hello, I received requests from people - who are looking for re-marriage. Anyone interested RSVP for it. We can do 1- on - 1 round................and informal event! Sign up in large numbers.

MBA South Asian Singles Meet
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

It would be great to meet singles from the same kind of background... Are you a business graduate - MBA - Rotman / Queens / Schulich / Ted Roger's and other schools from US / Canada ....let's get to meet each other.. This will be a free event. Still working on the logistics... I want to see how many people join? Desi Dreams

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