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Have you been finding yourself CALLED to commune with other like-minded lightworkers on a consistent basis---a biweekly experience with your vibe tribe…
A space where you can feel safe to allow your full expression to integrate within your being…
A place where you can immerse self in HIGH FREQUENCIES that allows you to REALIZE YOUR EXPANSION INSTANTANEOUSLY…
A gathering where you can receive new perspective—learning about potent ways to SHIFT your reality into the highest possible manifestation…
A guided weekly journey into your Expanded Aspects of Self where you will receive ENERGETIC MERKABAH ACTIVATIONS to enhance your ability to


Weekly FLOW
Shared perspective from Veda related to your ASCENSION journey. Each week we will explore a different topic that will adjust your perspective to expand into your next receivable level of integration… a powerfully potent channeled experience

Personalized Energetic Activations utilizing crystals and SOUND (brainwave entrainment) to serve your physical structure in releasing density and outdated programming—streamlining your journey into expansion

Open discussion, and closing ceremony to honor and celebrate each person and their unique Soul Signature contribution to the gathering...social time

Just Some of What You Will Receive…..
• SUSTAINABLE, LIFE CHANGING expansion in all areas of life
• perspective on more expanded beliefs regarding the Nature of Reality
• acceleration of your personal Ascension Journey
• access to 5D (and beyond) awareness through the reprogramming of TIME as a malleable construct
• an understanding of your Role in Service/ MISSION and the application of it
• continual support and guidance from Higher Self Aspects and your VIBE TRIBE
• heightened intuition and discernment
• the direct application of Mastery within your human life experience for an EMPOWERED life that is fulfilling on all levels
• a deeper understanding of the Law of Attraction from a Multidimensional viewpoint
• more meaningful daily experiences- a revitalized LOVE for life
• communion that honors you as the MASTER Creator you already are while you are remembering how to apply it
• to channel higher frequency perspective
• experienced non-judgement toward Self and others
• an activation of all gifts and abilities
• density release within physical body- painbody and dis-ease release
• inner-child integration
• marriage recalibration for a more harmonious union
• twin flame support and guidance
• the final release of old belief systems no longer serving expansion

Space is limited (18 ppl)
due to this- it is being strongly recommend that you purchase access to this gathering in 4-8 week increments.
$20/week drop in
$75/4 weeks
$140/ 8 weeks

Payment preferred in advance to reserve spot via Venmo or ApplePay. Please text or email.

This is also suggested as a way to get your human to COMMIT to weekly and consistent IMMERSION in this high frequency space…allowing yourself to STABILIZE AND SOLIDIFY the shifts being experienced on a regular basis.
You do not have to utilize the weeks consecutively if you have schedule restraints; however, it is recommended for the most potent receiving.
The intention of this gathering is to make this experience ACCESSIBLE TO ALL and that is why it is priced accordingly.
The intention is also to provide a space where each beautiful SOL feels welcomed, LOVED, and seen for who they TRULY are… a brilliant creation of SOURCE embodied into a physical form!

I look forward to seeing you there!


Healing Crown to Toe Studio --Suite #205--parking is on the street

Please bring a yoga mat, pillow, blanket, dress comfortably and bring any other items you are inspired to commune with. Arrive 5-10 min early--please don't be late as we begin promptly at 6:30

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Devotional Breathing Communion with Veda

2101 S El Camino Real

Devotional Breathing Communion with Veda

2101 S El Camino Real

Devotional Breathing Communion with Veda

2101 S El Camino Real


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