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Welcome to our on going Edda study class! We will be reading the Poetic edda and discussing it as part of an on going support to understanding and practicing the faith! Just because you've missed a previous class doesn't mean that you'll be behind, as each event can stand alone. Not sure where in the Eddas we're currently at? Please feel free to message! Please see the below links to the versions of the Eddas that we will be referencing. Links to the required reading: Poetic Edda: Prose Edda: Ibn Fadlan and the Rusiyyah

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This group was created to help bring the Norse Heathen community in DFW together for knowledge and fellowship. We are a non-folkish, non-universalist, reconstructionalist lite group often labeled tribal.

We will post when there are classes and events and rituals available. The classes include everything from the basics all the way up to advanced learning. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

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