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Meditation Monday
Come and explore meditation practices that will complement and deepen your existing practice or assit you in developing a new practice. We will explore various breath, sound and meditation techniques each week. Enjoy the many benefits of meditation such as stress reduction and mental clarity. We will also address ways to deal with resistance to practicing meditation. No prior experience required. No cost to attend.

Unity of Dallas

6525 Forest Lane · Dallas, TX

What we're about

One of the items on my Bucket List was to create this Meetup Group.

This group was created to help you fulfill items on your "Bucket", "Things to do", "Things to Try" or "Things you should know" lists. We have all things we want to do or try, but no one wants to do these things alone.
Join this group and create your list. We will then do our best to match you up with people to share these accomplishments with.

Life is a choice. We all have abilities we can do and abilities we can't or dont know how. Ask yourself... Do you want to go through life using your "inabilities"/"inexperience" as an excuse not to do them or the reason why you should? If you can't sing, you can use it as an excuse to never try karaoke or maybe it's the reason why you should pick up the mic. If you can't swim are you going to use it as an excuse to never get in the deep end or are you going to use it as the reason why you should jump in and start treading water?

It's your choice.. Do you want your life to be an excuse to not live it or do you want it to be the reason to experience your life to it's fullest?

The concept of this Meetup is simple... It's all about YOU, your life, your dreams, your accomplishments!!!
Please suggest meetups for things you want to do/try. Please RSVP for existing events that you want to do/try.
If you have ideas or suggestions for events, Please post a comment. If you want to host the event, contact me and I'll make you an assistant organizer.

I can tell you by personal experience that checking something off your bucket list is great,
but riding shotgun on someone elses dream is even better!!!!

You will be the person that someone will always remember
Because you will be the person that helps them complete a full circle in their life.

If you don't think you can do this or lack self-confidence
what better way to build confidence and knock "organization"/"public speaking"/"helping others" off your own bucket list!!

Please read the Discussions for addition information.

Example of:
Things you should know/do:
1) Drive a Manual Transmission Car
2) Swim
3) Shoot a Gun
4) Change a Flat Tire
5) Dance
6) Tie more than a Standard Knot
7) Cook at least 3 dishes
8) Self Defense
9) CPR and Basic First Aid
10) Volunteer Work (not just donating $)
11) Fish
12) Attend a Fine Arts Event as an adult (Ballet, Opera, Play, Orchestra, etc...)
13) Start a Fire without matches/lighter

Example of:
Things you should try:
1) Rock Climbing
2) Camping (Cabin, Tent, Water/Electricity, Water Only, Primitive)
3) Skiing/Snowboarding
4) Karaoke
5) All different styles of Dance
6) All different types of Ethnic Foods
7) Jetski, Tubing, Water Sports
8) BroomBall
9) 5k, 10k, 20k, etc. Walk or Run, it doesn't matter
10) Unplug from the Matrix if your in it, Plug into the Matrix if your not
11) Host a Meetup Event :)
12) Ice Skate
13) Roller Skate
14) Try to Learn to play a musical instrument
15) Ziplining

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