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We are Dallas area Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Executive coaches. We are speakers, authors and most of all we are world changers.

You have so many choices in meetings to grow yourself, grow your business, and build yourself to be more of an impact in changing the world.

With all the groups you are here checking us out. First you do not have to be a certified coach to be part of this group. We do have qualified coaching certification trainer as part of our team. Sherry Prindle is the founder of our group, and hosts Coaching Acedamy classes and certifcation from time to time. She also hosts Star Marketing Summit. She will post them when she has them in the group for you to RSVP.

You also have access to online marketing training in the Blogging, Podcasting, and Video. My name is Tim Gillette host of the largest Blog and Video con left in America. Also like Sherry for you we have advance training in the form of Coaching, Mastermind Inner Circle.

Every month we host an event that is a joint event with the iNEt Meetup group held on the second thursday of every month held at the Improving class rooms in Plano.

We are looking for more leaders in the coaching world. We do help you our active members find speaking, as well as lead events that will help. To have your event mentioned our posted in our group you must be an active member. Active members attend our meeting 3 of every 6 months.

One of the biggest differences that made the difference in my business is used as part of the requirements for being part of this group. When putting my face with the readers being able to see my eyes was the turning point of 175% more business coming from all my advertisements.

So if you research you will almost never find a photo online where you cannot see the eyes.

So we made it a strong requirement of this group you must have, let me repeat MUST have a FACE PHOTO on your profile.

*** Face Photo Required, No Group shots, no cartoon shots, no sunglasses shots.***** This is not negotiable.

We require you have a profile filled out. People work with people the relate with. If you notice successful coaches online have a very heart warming, and well as interesting about me page.

Thanks for checking us out! We hope to see you at our next event.

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