Trevor Grant tells us about what's next for Apache Mahout


Dear Experimenters:

We have a special treat for you. From out of town, Trevor Grant ( will be here to tell us about the latest developments of one of my favorite open source projects (my initial foray into Data Science).

In Trevor's words:

Apache Mahout: What’s next?

Since v0.10 Apache Mahout has shifted focus to enabling mathematicians and data scientists to quickly deploy their own distributed algorithms using a Scala DSL that provides R-Like semantics for matrix operations, which is backend agnostic and runs on Apache Spark, Apache Flink, and others. Up-comping release v0.13 will introduce the ability to run algorithms in hybrid distributed-GPU enabled environments which promises significant gains in computational speed. Finally, we will be demoing “Apache Mahout: Beyond MapReduce” by creating our own algorithms and visualizing the results interactively in Zeppelin. Bio:

Trevor Grant is committer on the Apache Mahout project and Open Source Technical Evangelist at IBM. He holds an MS in Applied Math and an MBA from Illinois State University. Trevor is an organizer of the newly formed Chicago Apache Flink Meet Up, and has presented at Flink Forward, ApacheCon, Apache Big Data, and other meetups nationwide.

IBM has been supporting the open source community since before it was cool. The company has officially backed the Apache Software Foundation in the form of sponsorship funding and code donation since 1999, was the first enterprise company to publicly sponsor and legally back Linux, and is a huge proponent of Open Stack and the #1 contributor to the Cloud Foundry codebase. This commitment continues today in many forms including, significant collaboration and community involvement in the Hadoop ecosystem, opening the Spark Technology Center to contribute to the Apache Spark codebase, the donation of 30 years of machine learning code to create Apache SystemML-incubating, and many others!

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