Using Flexbox for Web Layout


Presenter: Eric Sowell

Through some of us actually don't mind using floats for doing web layout, we do recognize that it can be a pain. Fortunately there is Flexbox and it's a good deal easier to use and pretty well supported. In the discussion, we'll talk about how Flexbox works and then we'll work through a number of examples to show you real-world usage.


Eric Sowell is an instructor for The Iron Yard ( in Dallas and helps people change careers and become web developers. At least he was when he wrote this bio. By the time you see him at this Meetup, he will either be unemployed or working somewhere else. When Eric is programming, he enjoys server-side development and database work but prefers to live on the client-side, doing either iOS app or web development. He is the author of a partially out-of-date book, Mobile ASP.NET MVC 5. (


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• After you enter the building via lobby B, turn left to auditorium.

• Follow signs.

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