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Dec 10, 2019 -

The 2019 DFWGM Season has come to a close.

The 2020 DFWGM Season will open up come late Feb/early Mar 2019 pending weather.

Barring weather, we will have a few ad hoc outings throughout the winter break. Watch this area for our members who may be looking for additional players to fill out openings when they make a reservation.

Happy Holidays and have a wonderful 2020 Golf Seasons.

May your drives always find the fairways and your putts find the bottom of the cup.

R. Murray, Founder/Organizer


Welcome DFW Golfer!

Thank you for your interest in this golf group for the DFW area.

I started this meetup group back in Feb/2012 in an attempt to seek golfers like myself who like to play different courses that allow public play throughout the year, may be somewhat new to the area, and/or may not have a regular group to go out with it weekend and week out.

Expectations for those who join this group are the following:

• Participate in scheduled events and use this forum for impromptu outings

• Observe proper golf etiquette while on the course at all times

• Keep up with pace of play

• Observe proper dress attire, and above all

• Enjoy playing the game!!!

I would expect those who join know how to play. Beginners are welcomed but you should at have least played a few rounds of golf all ready and know the general rules and course of conduct. If you haven’t played in a while that’s fine but the last thing we want to do is hold up pace of play at any given golf course as this may discourage future events by course management.

Starting January/2014, Membership dues will be required for this group at an annual fee of $15.00. See our discussion board for details. Expect annual membership dues to rise come January/2019 to $20.00.

Let's play some Golf!!!

Rob Murray, Founder/Organizer

Note: As Founder/Organizer, I reserve the right to remove members at anytime should I believe it is deemed necessary for the benefit of the group.

Members are responsible for their own damages that they may incur during at one of our outings.

Upcoming events (1)

Stevens Park GC in Dallas, Sat, Sept 26 - Tee times TBD targeting around 9:00amt

*** RSVP now OPEN *** I've heard and can vouch that Stevens Park GC is the hidden jewel of Dallas. I have to agree. A favorite of DFWGM, a return outing to this wonderful, picturesque golf course. Pls read the below regarding Reservation Policy for Stevens Park. We will still open the RSVP area as we usually do but flexibility in tee times will be required by all. Disregard time of this outing as it is only a place holder Note: Stevens Park requires reservations to be made 7 days in advance so assistance in making reservations will be required. I have made reservations for this group at Stevens Park GC but it does require some planning. With that said, I need 1 more member who wants to play Sat, Sept 26 to assist me in making reservations in order to reserve 4 tee times (up to 16 players) If you can assist me, please RSVP for this outing and I will contact you to discuss further details. Thank you Rob Murray DFW Golf Meetup, Founder/Organizer

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